The Dominican artist living in Switzerland talked about her works in the Eduardo León Jimenes Collection of Visual Arts and her career.

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Picasso, Mariano Veloy. First edition. Barcelona, ​​2016. Series: Collection The biggest for the little ones.

When he is only a child, his mother tells him: «If you become a soldier, you will reach a general. And if you become a priest, you will be Pope. ”Years later, Picasso will explain:“ I decided to be a painter, and I became Picasso. ”That is, the quintessential artist of the twentieth century. Only one painting, The Misses of Avignon, is enough to revolutionize modern painting. He will be the great master of cubism, but he will also paint canvases for peace. In these pages you will discover these and other stories of a painter who never stopped being young.

I am an artist !: activity notebook. Minus Minus Éditions, 2017.

¡I am an artist! It is an activity book for all ages and tastes, designed to stimulate creativity and complicity between children and adults through the discovery of art.

The Franco-local singer made use of her talent and versatility on stage to delight the audience that attended this anniversary Café Video.

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About the Creative Summer 2019. The adventure of art.

Artist of Heather Miller. Chicago, Heinemann Library 2015. .

Table of Contents:

  • What are the artists doing?
  • How is an artist's day?
  • What tools do artists use?
  • Where do the artists work?
  • Do they work elsewhere?
  • When do artists work?
  • What kinds of artists are there?
  • Where do artists learn?

Paul Giudicelli: survivor of a dark age by Jeannette Miller. Santo Domingo: Modern Art Gallery, 1983.

Tabla de contenido

  • Paul Giudicelli
  • Trujillo Maecenas of the arts?
  • From his first exhibition, a trained artist
  • The IX National Biennial of Plastic Arts
  • Contributions of Giudicelli to Dominican art
  • Giudicelli through his work
  • Expression of reality abstracted from things
  • The work of Giudicelli through his exhibitions. Critics say
  • First individual
  • Second individual
  • Third and fourth individual
  • The X Biennial of 1960: first prize of painting
  • Giudicelli manufactured his own materials
  • Individual fifth
  • Giudicelli's work is revolutionary, it breaks with the past
  • The painter's studio
  • Confessions of an artist
  • The last years of Giudicelli
  • Constant in the work of Paul Giudicelli
  • Biographical synopsis

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The exhibition reveals the expertise of the artist from Santiago, in a selection that covers 50 years of artistic work.

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When we approach to contemplate the works of the plastic artist Guillo Pérez, a sense of peace is born. Guillo, knew how to conjugate an atmosphere of colors in a particular way.

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Fernando Peña Defilló is a tangible legacy within the visual arts in the Dominican Republic.

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The musical gathering, with songs on the piano and full of anecdotes, was held in the Caribbean Patio of the León Center.

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The photographic installations of the Dominican artist Herminio Alberti will be exhibited until the 12 of March of 2017 in Santiago.

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The artist's live artistic presentation took place in the Caribbean Patio of the Leon Center.

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From our specialized collection in art, this time the book is recommended Le Corbusier: museum and collection Heidi Weber .-- Madrid: Reina Sofía National Art Center Museum, 2007.

This book shows the work of Le Corbusier, in his role as a plastic artist as well as a furniture designer.

Within your table of contents you will find:

  • Le Corbusier and Heidi Weber. The meaning of an exhibition.
  • Compass games Le Corbusier and the furniture.
  • Note on the Ozenfant Atelier.
  • Heidi Weber and Le Corbusier. Sense and destiny of an adventure out of the ordinary.

Fernando Peña Defilló, National Prize of Plastic Arts, has started the path of the Eternal Return, as he called his exhibition at the Centro León during 2009.

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The violin of Ivanova Casimiro and the comments of José Manuel Antuñano closed the photographic exhibition of the work of Jesús Natalio Puras Penzo at Centro León.

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The singer, for the first time is presented at the institution, will offer a concert as summer closing.

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The artist has left. After him, there remains an immense and transcendent legacy in the national culture.

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Drawings and stories make up the book that also gives name to the exhibition exhibited by the León Center about the Petromacorisano artist.

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The santiaguense artist presented an interactive proposal in the context of the exhibition The unusual ironic look of APECO.

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Citlally Miranda Pérez, finalist of the V Inter American Video Art Biennial, talks about her work and her creation processes linked to performance and video art

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