The permanent exhibition of visual arts presented by the León Center has renewed its museography and incorporated new works for the enjoyment of visitors.

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The Dominican artist living in Switzerland talked about her works in the Eduardo León Jimenes Collection of Visual Arts and her career.

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The artist talked with the curators of the León Center about the work exhibited in Génesis y Trayectoria, the permanent exhibition of visual arts.

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The digital platform for submitting proposals to the contest can be completed until January 31, 2020.

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On the occasion of the important donation of drawings and paintings of Ángel Haché by his wife, Dominican painting teacher, Elsa Núñez, it has been a pleasure to say in the Media Center of León, some words, dedicated to the versatile talent of an artist, who he was illustrated in the theater - outstanding professional delivery as a director, actor, and teacher - in the cinema - being a scriptwriter, producer and director - and also in the visual arts, his subjects, his techniques, particularly drawing.

For five decades, an extraordinary trade and skill covered infinite proposals and aesthetic concerns, almost always exploring the human figure, a representation that extended to sacred art and a transcendental intensity, since Ángel Haché was a man of faith, in religion, in work , in the life.

Despite his discretion and reserve in personal matters, contrasting with his taking a firm and courageous position in the social, educational and artistic field, despite a disinterested attitude towards everything that concerned him, Ángel Haché lived an absolute motivation, her love for Elsa Núñez, the great companion for more than 45 years, sharing her responsibilities and her ideals, finally her itinerary through time, home and creation.

Focusing on the donated works, we refer particularly to the collection Cardboard figures, made in 2013, symbiosis of poetry, drawing and painting, which can be considered his masterpiece; from inspiration and conception to technical qualities. This series is also the most contemporary expression in the art of Ángel Haché. In mixed techniques, which accentuate collage and painting, they continue to impress the fifteen images, visualized from a poem written in 1965.

Here, the artist draws, with skill and caution, the pictorial pigments and incorporates them, subtly and effectively, in his incomparable black and white anatomist's trade. Master in the male and female nude, he presents his creatures almost always hieratic, as symbols of the human condition, pure and uncovered, from the first image and the first verses. It should be noted that each work is titled, the verses that Ángel Haché transcends in strokes, strokes and glued.

Remembering this historical period of the Dominican struggle, poetic writing created the plastic discourse. Verses and images transmit the sacrifice and death of anonymous heroes, the courage and fragility of the just, finally the rebirth of hopes. The emotional commotion of the artist masterfully liberated the pictorial energies, heartbreaking and torn: we enjoyed Ángel Haché's ability in figuration and his multiple configurations within the space.

"Affirming as a theater director requires both reinventing a text and projecting it fully, transforming actors into characters, superimposing dramatic fiction and creating a world." So we had presented Ángel Haché, theater man, exemplary and demanding. It could be said almost the same of the artist of Cardboard figuresHere, by reaffirming himself as a painter and draftsman, he reinvents a text of his, projects it to the fullest, transforms words into characters, superimposes poetic fiction and the creation of a visual world.

Now, Ángel Haché has distinguished himself, although with less frequency, in the "painting / painting", sharing up pictorial series with Elsa Núñez. We discover different signs of identification: richness of the palette, diversity of the ranges of colors and shades, variations of pigment and matter.

En Singing to nature, set that includes the donated paintings, the pictorial material reaches density and thickness, suggesting mineral structures, aquatic depths, penetrating into the bowels of the earth, or the texture is lightened, quasi transparent, evoking coral formations and blooms.

From one painting to another, Ángel Haché, obviously fascinated, travels through the realms of nature, his reality and his fantasy. Flora and fauna meet, mix, transform. Man is absent: a deserved absence for his destructive role!

Marianne from Tolentino
Art critic


Ángel Haché (San Pedro de Macoris, 1943-Santo Domingo, 2016)
Song to Nature VIII. 2010
Mixed media on canvas
11 x 26 cm (9x5inches)
Donation of Elsa Núñez
Eduardo León Jimenes Visual Arts Collection

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The program allows you to enter the collections of visual arts, archeology, ethnography, among others that custody and shows the León Center in its permanent and temporary exhibitions.

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Twentieth century in the Dominican visual arts = The XX century in Dominican visual arts of Cándido Gerón. 2. Ed. Santo Domingo: Editor Corripio, 2002.

Some titles in your table of contents:

  • First avant-garde glimpses.
  • The Jaime Colson sign and the aesthetics of sacrifice from 1930.
  • The generation of the 40.
  • Foundation of the National School of Fine Arts.
  • The best of the 50 generation.
  • Generation of the 60.
  • Schools, academies and other movements.
  • The Dominican engraving.
  • The watercolor and the drawing.
  • Notable landscapers.
  • Important portraits.
  • The ceramic.
  • The sculpture.
  • Important muralists.
  • Contribution of foreign artists to Dominican art.
  • History of photography in Santiago de los Caballeros.
  • Photography as reality and art.
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The prize of the public was awarded to Zerahias Polanco, for the play ¡Si I'm leaving here I'm dying!, Which had already won one of the three equal prizes of the contest.

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The exhibition of the Mobile Dimension will be open until the 12 of May of 2019 different spaces of the Culta and Olympic City.

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The activity included a selection of award-winning artists at the 27 Eduardo León Jimenes Art Contest.

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The specialist in visual arts at the León Center participated in the Week of Dominican Culture in Havana, held on the occasion of the Dominican National Independence.

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As part of the Eduardo León Jimenes Art Contest, this program provides young artists with a space for reflection and interdisciplinary creation, focused on contemporary production.

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The fourth and last group of selected artists visited the exhibition of the 27 Eduardo León Jimenes Art Contest with the public, days before the award ceremony of the contest.

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The third group of selected artists visited the exhibition of the 27 Eduardo León Jimenes Art Contest with the public.

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This Dialogue in room is the first meeting with selected artists of the 27 Eduardo León Jimenes Art Contest.

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The selection of works will be exhibited until April 2019 in the Temporary Exhibitions Hall of the León Center in Santiago de los Caballeros.

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Serigraph depicting young mulatto girl with vertical lines dress and decorated white lace facing forward with her arms crossed. Her hairstyle shows the braided style with ribbons and hooks, typical of the Dominican-Caribbean afro-descendant tradition. Both his body posture and facial expression denote serenity and calm. Behind it, an opening in the shape of a window of possible Arabic style shows a landscape that looks out on the mountainous horizon and the light of day. In the lower right, above the window, occupying a second plane, is what appears to be a green apple.

Additional note:

La serigraphy, '' silk screen '', '' screen printing '' or '' silk template '', as referred to by Michel Caza, is a printing technique that consists in recording images by means of a silk or fabric screen metallic

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The exhibition reveals the expertise of the artist from Santiago, in a selection that covers 50 years of artistic work.

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The activity was carried out in coordination with the Dominican Association of Visual Artists. 

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When we approach to contemplate the works of the plastic artist Guillo Pérez, a sense of peace is born. Guillo, knew how to conjugate an atmosphere of colors in a particular way.

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