The Eduardo León Jimenes Foundation project celebrates its more than three years of work in favor of Dominican art and culture.

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Members of Amigos Centro León participated in this cultural tourism excursion in the municipality of Sánchez, Samaná.

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More than forty people enjoyed a cultural tour conducted by the Leon Center.

Published in News 2019

This 11 Sunday in June the Centro León organized, as it has been doing for several years, a cultural excursion to the San Antonio Negro Festival of the Guillén Brothers, in Yamasá.

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The cultural tourism program of the Leon Center articulates tourism as an activity with its thematic axes: identity, creativity and habitability. On each occasion, the proposals and courses allow the participants to integrate these concepts in a fluid way.

The trip to the municipality of Jarabacoa, called Nature and society, is a model of the effectiveness of this thematic and participative link. The tour included visits to the greenhouses of the area, the National Forestry School, the Jimenoa waterfall and stops to appreciate the local cuisine.

This connection with culture and nature comprises a large part of Jarabacoa's offer to its visitors. The greenhouses of this area take advantage of the favorable climate for the development of this type of crops. Grouped in a cluster, more than one million one hundred thousand square meters are devoted to the production of vegetables. The appreciated harvest goes from the ají pepper in all its varieties, cubanela and jamaiquino, until cucumbers, tomato, aromatic herbs, among others.

As support to this agricultural production, there is the National Forestry School. Founded in 1968, it offers training programs of two and a half years: Environmental Management, Soils and Waters, Protected Areas and Forest Resources. In the visit made by the Leon Center, in addition to knowing the academic campus, appropriate for the competitions that are pursued in this center, the group enjoyed the typical lunch, with products from the area.

One of the main attractions of Jarabacoa is undoubtedly its mountainous landscape. And these conditions of climate and height favor a tourism related to the conservation of the environment, an objective pursued by the León Center through habitability. The Salto de Jimenoa is a must. In addition to enjoying the impressive view of the highest waterfall, located at the Salto de Jimenoa Natural Monument.

Popular gastronomy

In the very center of the town, at one corner of the central park, called Parque Duarte, are the most famous ice creams of the region. Made of fruits, water or milk, the creations by hand of Ivon please everyone. It is already a classic photography with ice cream in plastic cup and wooden palette.

On the way to the confluence of the Yaque del Norte and Jimenoa rivers, the foreign migration of the area is expressed. A Colombian family shares a sample of its gastronomy with visitors: Colombian empanadas. Filled with different ingredients (ham, cheese, pineapple, rice, chicken), they allow new flavors to be integrated into the local culture.

The La Vega-Jarabacoa highway passes through the community of Bayacanes. In this slope, in addition to perceive the benefits of the climate, there are dozens of stands selling cake or arepa, corn flour and bananas wheat flour. Sweet or bitter, the arepa has become an obligatory stop on the route to the mountain.

Daniela Cruz Gil
Contents Generator at Centro León

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Centro León and Casa de Arte organized this excursion to the celebration that for more than a century the Guillén family has maintained in Yamasá.

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With regard to World Environment Day, this visit promotes the awareness of the role these spaces play in the lives of citizens and how it is possible to promote their conservation.

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Centro León offered an excursion to the 28 National Biennial of Visual Arts and the traveling exhibition of Wifredo García.

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The Guillén brothers return to perform the traditional festival that venerates San Antonio, which from 1904 transits the streets and feed the tradition in visitors.

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On the last weekend of November members of the Amigos Centro León program, representatives of the press and the general public, participated in Chocolate and culture, an excursion to visit the Cacao Trail in San Francisco de Macorís, the Mirabal Hermanas Museum and the Mural Route in Salcedo.

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