The León Center has continued to work on its main activities, including the visual arts contest dating from 1964.

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The León Center initiates in this way the research process for the elaboration of an exhibition project dedicated to this outstanding Dominican artist.

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Talking about contemporary art, it forces us to reflect on its origins. That is, at what historical moment does one begin to talk about contemporary art? What are its origins? In this aspect it is necessary to emphasize that diverse criteria exist to be able to define the contemporary thing in the arts.

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To talk about Dominican Republic is to speak of polarities: on the one hand there is evidence of growth and on the other there is a gap of inequality.

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Selected artists from 26 Eduardo León Jimene Art ContestThey discussed their creative processes and other details of their works.

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The participating works of this edition of the contest will be exhibited until the 19 of February of 2017 in the Leon Center.

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She is from Puerto Plata, born in 1969. He has developed a multidisciplinary work, appealing to a wide variety of techniques and media, ranging from painting to installation, sculpture, photography and performance. In 1991 moved to New York, where he concluded his plastic arts studies at Parsons School of Design.

He has received the Grand Prize of issues XXI and XXII of the Eduardo León Jimenes Art Contest of the Leon Center, 2006 and 2008 respectively, and an honorable mention in the XXIII Eduardo León Jimenes Art Contest of the León Center in the 2010 year. He has presented ten individual exhibitions, among them Imy own, in the Cultural Center of Spain, Santo Domingo, in 2012; and Re-turn, in the Museum of Modern Art, Santo Domingo, in 2008. Resides and works in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

In the XXIV Eduardo León Jimenes Art Contest won an award with the play Interlude. A performance documented in video.

El award issued by the jury of selection of the XXIV Eduardo León Jimenes Art Contest expresses with respect to Paiewonsky's work: "For the consistency and coherence of his research on the female body and gender problems".

The award issued by the award jury of the same, expresses: "For the remarkable development in the creation of the performance, which resulted in a sober and austere work involving and empowering the participants of the action through their own body and the stories that are revealed through the costumes".   

The artist declares about his work: "The body for me has always been the space where our experience of life is manifested. It is like a container that keeps our experiences and then deploy them in a vital corporeal language. That is why when we immerse ourselves in phenomena of massification and standardization of our behavior and image, our space of freedom comes into conflict. Through my work, I insist on presenting images that break these pre-established patterns of beauty and femininity.

I look for other parameters and references where the strength and splendor of our humanity can emerge. I am interested in presenting individuals that challenge the homogeneity to which the system pushes us ".

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The Dominican artist talked with the public about her artistic career and her current creative processes.

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