The activity was carried out in coordination with the Dominican Association of Visual Artists.

Published in News 2018

Landscape in which a broad sky dominates with clouds and in the foreground a landscape with path, trees, hovel, birds and fence. A flamboyant and a horse are fundamental elements of the scene.

About the Author

The teacher José Cestero was selected unanimously by the 11 members of the jury as the National Visual Arts Award 2015.

Cestero, who admits that he is still with his drawing book, his companion for many years, commented on the award:

"I think I was worthy of this prize, since I have been making inroads since 1950 in the plastic arts; I started at the age of 14 years and to this day I have not stopped ".

"For me it is an honor that I have been chosen for this great prize, I feel as if it were the first time I receive a recognition," he said.

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