'' Referring to an ancient Caribbean cultural tradition that consists of sticking a bread of water, superstition or ritual into the wall of the kitchens so that you never miss the table. From this myth, I establish a new metaphor using social duality and Catholic iconography, establishing a bread made of rusty barbed wire where no one person can even plant a tooth. ''

                                                                                                              Miguelina Rivera


Our daily bread It is the image of a large "water pan" in the center of which is a flashing light simulating the heart rate. The work is made with an unconventional material: barbed wire. This material has various connotations; the one that implies protection and the one that alludes to aggression. In this installation, these connotations are linked to the functions and roles of women as givers of life and protectors of the family. Miguelina Rivera is a contemporary Dominican artist who has made her work focused on concerns about the role of women in society and issues around migration. His language is intimate and very personal and assumes certain characteristic elements of our popular culture (pelizas, soap, wires) and recycles them to present them in the context of art. Although Miguelina Rivera is not a strictly conceptual artist, the conceptual in her work is evidenced as a fundamental part of the process when conceiving her pieces.

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The young Dominican artist will dialogue with the public about her work processes and the works in which she currently works.

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