Art to Express Yourself: an open-air museum throughout the National District

Centro León y Cartel, with the support of the Mayor's Office of the National District, will exhibit works by prominent Dominican artists on more than 300 billboards in the city of Santo Domingo.


Art is a universal language. Feelings, emotions and states of mind emerge that break down the borders of language, dogmas and beliefs. A language that creates its own verbs and sows the mobilizing culture of ideas.

With the aim of promoting art and adding citizens to a positive conversation, Cartel and the León Center, with the support of the Mayor's Office of the National District, on Sunday, September 20, inaugurated Art to Express Yourself, an open-air exhibition with a selection of works by Dominican artists and archaeological pieces, which will be stamped on more than 300 billboards, distributed in the four cardinal points of the National District.

Art to Express Yourself is ainitiative developed in conjunction with Pagés BBDO and the support of sponsoring companies such as Altice Dominicana, Banco Popular and United Capital The Center seeks to sow emotions and emerge feelings in passersby, who through the hashtag #ArteparaExpresarte will be able to share their impressions and create conversations on digital platforms. Art to Express Yourself seeks that art be the center of an experience that facilitates in Dominicans the exercise of critical thinking, the exploration of their own decisions and the potentialization of their talent and creativity.

“Es una iniciativa como aporte social  a los munícipes de Santo Domingo, dándole la oportunidad de disfrutar una galería artística urbana , donde podrán apreciar el arte y la cultura de nuestro país”, asegura Noel Giraldi, gerente general de Cartel.

The works and pieces are part of the Eduardo León Jimenes Collection of Visual Arts, and the Archeology Collection of the León Center, selected by their curators and specialists, based on technical criteria of format and content for this project. The selection includes works by prominent Dominican artists of different generations and varied manifestations of art, such as drawing, painting and photography.

“In these times of distances, taking some pieces from our collection out of their usual surroundings onto the streets of Santo Domingo activates the relationship with our audiences in another way. We have had to reinvent ourselves in order to meet again, and this time the billboard offers us the ideal space to start a different conversation based on hope, identities and our stories; one that fosters the generation of new cultural content in an incessant dialogue with the true protagonists of culture: the public ”, highlights María Amalia León de Jorge, president of the Eduardo León Jimenes Foundation and director of the León Center. With this project, the León Center is ratified as a museum that is not limited to the exhibition of its collections inward, but seeks other new avenues and platforms to achieve a true educational and transformative impact in the community.

With the presence and support of the Mayor's Office of the National District, and amidst the enthusiasm and energy of those who enjoy the spaces on Anacaona Avenue and Plaza Gregorio Luperón every Sunday, the open-air urban gallery was inaugurated, in an act led by Mayor Carolina Mejía.

"In these months that we have been adapting to the reality of Covid 19 and living the consequences it has had in our lives, it is necessary to find activities that allow us to renew hope and feel joy. Art in its various manifestations is a balm for the soul and today we thank these institutions that allow us to offer the Capitaleños and Capitaleñas an open museum throughout the city, inviting them to transmit our emotions through #ArteparaExpresarte "indicated Carolina Mejía.

The Dominican artists Ramón Oviedo, Soucy de Pellerano, Tony Capellán, Ricardo Toribio, Jorge Severino, Fernando Peña Defilló, Jorge Pineda, Danilo De Los Santos, Rosa Idalia García, Wali Vidal, Jacinto Domínguez, Joiri Minaya, Patricia Encarnación, Daniel Henríquez, Cristian Martínez (Crismar), Jesús Natalio Puras Penzo (Apeco), Wifredo García Domenech, Odette Goico, Quisqueya Henríquez, Heriberto Pieter Benett and Domingo Batista, are the authors of the works that will be on the billboards.

Altice Dominicana, Banco Popular y United Capital han patrocinado la iniciativa, con el único interés de que el arte sea el centro de una experiencia que facilite en los dominicanos el ejercicio del pensamiento crítico, la exploración de sus propias decisiones y la potencialización de su talento y creatividad.