Gathering in Plenamar: Thinking, from the island and beyond

The activity brought together the founders of the digital magazine Plenamar, to discuss their first year of cultural work.

Last Wednesday, July 15, the León Center presented the Gathering in Plenamar: Thinking, from the island and beyond, on the occasion of the first anniversary of the digital magazine Plenamar, within the initiative León Home Center.

In the talk show broadcast by the Centro León YouTube channel, the founders of the magazine spoke: the doctor and writer Jochy Herrera, the writer José Mármol, the writer and cultural manager Minerva Del Risco and the geographer and teacher Rafael Emilio Yunén, with the moderation of Luis Felipe Rodríguez, manager of Cultural Programs at the León Center.

Rafael Emilio Yunén was responsible for presenting the foundational characteristics of the publication, its founding members, the editorial line, the criteria for publication in it. "One of the motivations was the uncertainty in which we lived and how that uncertainty resembled the moment when one sails offshore and one is in the middle of the sea ...", Yunén said about the origin of the name.

Jochy Herrera specified the motto of the magazine, "Think from the island and beyond", talks about the possibilities of exchange with authors from other countries. The writer presented the sections of the magazine and the forms of collaboration.

In her turn, Minerva del Risco emphasized some benefits of digital magazines, such as access to texts and global dissemination, in addition to the importance of promoting Dominican culture.

"Plenamar is a magazine at the service of thinking," said José Mármol, commenting on the breadth of topics covered by the magazine and recounting some publications such as the tributes to the writers Ernesto Cardenal and René Rodríguez Soriano, among others.

The founders of the magazine highlighted the accessibility, preservation and dissemination of the digital cultural content that is published, which allows no cultural event to be left out.

La Gathering in Plenamar was carried out within the program León Home Center. These virtual activities can be found on the Centro León YouTube channel. To find out more information on the upcoming dialogues, you can find it on social networks like @centroleonrd.

Plenamar Magazine

It is a Dominican digital cultural magazine founded in 2019, with the purpose of establishing a dialogue beyond what is customary. It emerged as a medium that seeks to offer alternatives to the reading of cultural and intellectual work at the hands of the magical power of words and images. It is published at high tide.