Musical gathering: Dominican percussion

In the virtual gathering, the musicians Edis Sánchez, Isidro Bobadilla, Edgar Molina and Tommy García talked about Dominican percussion.

Last Thursday, June 11, the León Center presented the musical gathering: Dominican percussion, with musicians Edis Sánchez, Isidro Bobadilla, Edgar Molina and moderation by Tommy García, as part of the initiative León Home Center.

The gathering was broadcast on the YouTube channel and the social networks of the León Center. The percussionists talked about the origins of Dominican percussion, the creation of its instruments and how creativity and diversity have marked its evolution.

At the beginning, the sociologist and music producer Tommy García dedicated the virtual meeting to the memory of the teacher Fradique Lizardo, for his contributions to the investigation of musical instruments and their origins.

The conversation between the percussionists ranged from the time of the Taínos, the introduction of African instruments to the construction of Dominican instruments, according to the regions of the country. They described how the stories and legends of the most traditional Afrotaan music groups that last, are built and told, the continuation of cultural traditions, as well as presenting the importance of the few living craftsmen who persist in the manufacture of these instruments.

Sánchez, Bobadilla and Molina also shared their experiences with percussion instruments for ceremonial and folk use, in addition to citing past and recent research and publications.

La Musical Tertulia is an initiative that is part of the program León Home Center. These virtual activities can be found on the Centro León YouTube channel and on their social profiles on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.