The scientific study of the archaeological collection

During the virtual conversation, archaeologist Roberto Valcárcel Rojas and sociologist Carlos Andújar discussed the scientific study of the Centro León archaeological collection.

The León Center held its second talk of the cycle this Tuesday, May 26 Knowing the collections. This time the topic was The scientific study of the archaeological collection, with the participation of the archaeologist Roberto Valcárcel Rojas, together with the sociologist Carlos Andújar.

The conversation that was broadcast from the YouTube channel of the León Center, addressed the formal link between collecting, archeology and the museum, taking as a starting point the period of the Renaissance, the empirical forms of archeology and its historical evolution.

The experts treated collecting and archeology in its different facets from different perspectives. They discussed how the creation of the museums allowed the collections to have a value. And equally, they made reference to the beginnings of collecting in the Caribbean and the commercialization of cultural goods.

"The scientific study of a collection would be to study that collection with the resources of a specific discipline, with the best resources that discipline can offer," Valcárcel said, explaining that an archaeological object always has new information to say, as tools evolve. analysis and technology.

It was also discussed how the León Center studies, analyzes and safeguards archaeological pieces, which are part of different collections, within a research program to learn in depth the origin and with what these pieces of high historical value were manufactured.

Roberto Valcárcel emphasized that care must be taken in the way of recovery of materials, when incorporating pieces into a collection. You need to collect as much contextual information as possible about the part you get. At this last point, he suggested not to wash the object because information is lost that could be recovered with an archaeological study.

This cycle of conversations, Knowing the collections, which started last Thursday, April 26, is an initiative that is part of the program León Home Center. These virtual activities can be found on the Centro León YouTube channel. To find out more information on the upcoming dialogues, you can find it on social networks like @centroleonrd.