Centro León prepares digitization of funds and collections

Collections digitization specialist Jorge Bastos was visiting the institution to make a diagnosis of the collections' photographic collections.

As part of the actions that the institution carries out to update and optimize its photographic collections, the Brazilian Center Jorge Bastos, a specialist in digitizing photographic and documentary archives, visited the León Center.

For three days, Bastos went into the deposit of cultural goods to "understand the nature of the heritage and the way the team works with them, to identify better ways and materials to work with," said the specialist in digitization of collections (funds documentaries, collections), rare works and documents. By rare, he referred to copies of limited editions, with dedications or characteristics that enrich the piece.

He stressed that the León Center's conservation and cataloging team is dedicated and passionate, with the ability to follow current international standards. 

"My job is to indicate what is correct," said the training sociologist about the diagnostic process that he has exhausted at the León Center. He explained that from his company, they promote non-invasive digitization processes to respect the integrity of the work.

Jorge Bastos is a manager at Motivo, a company based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, with more than 20 years of experience in color digitization technologies. In this period, they have advised a large number of museums in Latin America, the United States, Canada and Europe.

Visiting for the first time in the Caribbean, Bastos appreciated the climatic warmth, but also the human one. And after knowing dozens of museums worldwide, he positively judged the institution's art and ethnography collections, both those housed in storage and the selections of pieces exhibited in the permanent exhibitions.

Digitization will facilitate the administration of the funds and will enable the institution to make the collections of the León Center available to researchers and academics: visual arts, archeology, ethnography, photography and documentary collections such as Fradique Lizardo de Folklore Dominicano and Dominican Popular Culture Fund Dr. Rafael Cantisano, to name a few.