Musical gathering: The Dominican song, present and future

The singer Maridalia Hernández and the composer and musical director Josean Jacobo, with the moderation of the sociologist Tommy García, discussed the current Dominican song and its possibilities of development.

Last Thursday, May 21, the León Center presented its second musical gathering: The Dominican song, present and future, with the participation of Josean Jacobo, Maridalia Hernández and Tommy García, as part of the initiative León Home Center.

During the gathering, broadcast by the Centro León YouTube channel, the participants discussed the current situation of the Dominican song and what could be its reinvention. They also commented on the influences on Dominican song in its development.

The sociologist and music producer Tommy García started the conversation with the following words: «Listening is feeling and this leads us to think in order to stimulate ourselves to reflect on the Dominican song, at times when it seems that we have to reinvent ourselves, that it is up to us to continue managing culture and beauty by reconciling art with its social function and sharing each lesson learned to build memory ».

The musician Jacobo expressed that for a few years the music industry has completely changed, due to the digitization of music, where what predominates today is the urban genre. He explained that urban dwellers at present are the ones that feel the most concern and curiosity to understand today's music business.

Maridalia Hernández, for her part, referred to the quality of education and training that exists, comparing what happened with Dominican students in previous times and what is happening today. She also spoke about the preparation of music artists and highlighted the cultural gap between her generation and that of today.

During the virtual gathering, which lasted about an hour, the debate between the artistic and the industrial-musical, the ignorance of the Dominican musical history and the lack of contributions to artistic education on the part of the Dominican State was maintained.

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