77 recipes, a decade and secrets of Dominican cuisine

Gabriella Reginato's publication served as a pretext for the Comer as a Dominican gathering linked to the Ser Oscar de la Renta exhibition.

"More than a cookbook is a storybook with recipes." This is how Gabriella Reginato described the experience of writing the book 77 recipes, 1 decade, which includes Dominican cuisine and the secrets that this Chef has discovered in it.

Reginato was accompanied by the communicator Socorro Castellanos, with whom he is joined by more than 17 years of friendship that transcend the timeshare on television. "She was the generational transfer of the work that I had been doing for more than 47 years," Castellanos said before an audience eager for the culinary experiences of both ladies.

Gabriella, who is also a publicist and marketer, commented that in her books she plays with odd numbers, because they like them. “Cooking is an act of love,” emphasized the Chef when telling stories of her family and her children.

Both Gabriella and Socorro agreed to highly recommend the knowledge and study of Dominican and Caribbean cuisine, its ingredients, recipes and techniques and then better enter international gastronomy.

The public tasted a white garlic soup prepared by Gabriella, which in her book she compares with the elegance of an Oscar de la Renta dress.

Eat like a Dominican It is a series of gatherings that address Dominican cuisine, customs and customs related to food.

This edition of the meeting has been linked to the exhibition Be Oscar de la Renta, about the designer's passion for Dominican cuisine.

About the author

Gabriella Reginato is a publicist and marketer. For ten years he has been dedicated to gastronomy, through various media and culinary workshops. . He has published two books: 77 recipes in 13 sections (2013) y 77 recipes, 1 decade (2019), this latest recipe book, tips and stories.