Cerveza Presidente and Centro León award Decorate your neighborhood 2019

Five sectors were winners in the thirteenth edition of the contest that recognizes collective work in the communities of Santiago.

In the contest Decorate your Barrio 2019 The sectors of La Unión Cienfuegos, Ensanche Dolores and Los Ciruelitos were winners according to the verdict announced by the Centro León and Cerveza Presidente.

The award ceremony, part of the Mi Barrio program is at Christmas, was held on Tuesday December 10 at the facilities of the cultural center, during a concert with the musical group of Rubén Mirabal.

El First place went to the 1 pedestrian avenue Sabana Iglesia, La Unión Cienfuegos. He was awarded RD $ 100,000.00 and a concert with Fefita La Grande, the December 11.

El second place was awarded to San Pedro Street, Ensanche Dolores. He received RD $ 75,000.00 and a concert with Robert Liriano the VIP, the December 12.

For third place, awarded to 9 Street, Los Ciruelitos, RD $ 50,000.00 and a concert with Son Santiaguero, the December 13 were delivered.

El fourth place went to 23 Street, Villa Verde, awarded with RD $ 40,000.00. And a Special prize was awarded to 15 Street, below, Los Ciruelitos, with RD $ 25,000.00, for its outstanding community participation.

13 streets of 6 communities of Santiago participated in the contest, who were evaluated by the jury for their creativity, originality, thematic messages, materials used and community participation: Los Pepines, Ensanche Dolores Los Ciruelitos, La Unión-Cienfuegos, Ensanche Bermúdez and Villa Green.

The award jury of the Decora tu Barrio contest was composed of Rafael Almánzar, executive director of Casa de Arte; Carlos Andújar, Cultural Projects advisor at the León Center; the communicators Ramón Paulino, Ney Zapata and José Fabián; the photographic artist José Enrique Tavarez; and José Morel, representing Cervecería Nacional Dominicana and its President brand.

As part of the program My Neighborhood is at Christmas, on Wednesday 18 and Thursday 19 in December, tours of the winning sectors will be carried out, with the participation of the interested public.

About the contest

My Neighborhood is at Christmas It is a social program that generates community participation practices. Implemented in 2006, this program takes the time of Christmas as an opportunity for the neighborhood environment to reflect on the values ​​of collective work in its own environment.

In addition to the contest Decorate your Neighborhood, the program includes other activities to achieve community integration around the festive season such as: workshops for making Christmas decorations with recyclable materials and guided tours to the participating sectors in the contest.