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Centro León: 16 years of life between arts and culture

Centro León celebrates 16 years

The Eduardo León Jimenes Foundation project celebrates its more than three years of work in favor of Dominican art and culture.

After sixteen years of uninterrupted work, the León Center represents not only the materialization of a family dream, it is also today a museum with a solid trajectory that, through its exhibitions, allows us to investigate around national identities in an interactive and dynamic way, attracting diverse audiences from different parts of the country and from abroad.

Since its opening on October 3 of the 2003 in the city of Santiago, this cultural institution complements its work thanks to a large program of activities ranging from the training of artistic skills to the strengthening and development of cultural management. Visual arts, archeology, literature, music, cinema, crafts and cultural industries, among other manifestations, have found space in the León Center.

For this sixteenth anniversary, the institution will carry out various activities for the enjoyment of the public. On Thursday 3, anniversary date, there will be an open day, where the public can visit the exhibitions for free.

The program of activities will continue with the presentation in the Live Coffee by Franco-local singer Diomary La Mala on Friday 4. And for Saturday 5 will be a family day with open day, a craft bazaar and family afternoon. The closing will be the Tales from the Media Library with the reading of A moon by the lagoon, by Miriam del Rosario.

Museum and cultural center

The León Center offers its visitors three permanent exhibitions: Identity Signs, Genesis and trajectory y Footprint and Memory. In addition, the León Center runs out every year an exhibition program that includes art, archeology and culture samples in other spaces of the institution. He also travels in other places in the Dominican Republic and institutions in other countries.

It has 40 collections on visual arts, archeology, ethnography, Dominican folklore, Dominican popular culture, Dominican photography, bibliography, cartography, documentary and multimedia. These collections comprise more than 70 thousand articles.

As part of its institutional mission, the León Center develops educational programs and offers of a non-formal nature. Between 2003 and 2019, the Center has developed about twenty programs with an impact on different audiences. Among these, we can mention: My Neighborhood is at Christmas, Recycled City, Continuous Training Program for Artists, Healing Caribbean, Creative Camp, Lab Workshops, Ecoeducative Seminars, Cultural tourism, Educational Visits, International Congress Music Identity and Culture in the Caribbean.