Diomary La Mala: boleros and ballads at the León Center

The León Center closed the July program with the live presentation of the winner of the Soberano award to soloist singer 2016.

Diomary La Mala, (or Authentic Wrestling Woman Activist against the abuse), filled the Caribbean Patio of the León Center with her performances and enchanted the audience Live Coffee of the cultural institution.

Diomary opened the evening with the theme Sailor of lights, known in the voice of Isabel Pantoja. Lucia, Kisses used and a homage to Sonia Silvestre with a medley of his best repertoire, they intensified the enjoyment of those present.

For the closing, My way It was the appropriate song, and it is the one that has become an anthem for the singer.

La Mala arrived for the first time at the León Center on the last Friday of July, an activity that culminated the sociocultural animation program for the closing of the León Center for collective vacations.

About Diomary

Diomary Peña was born on May 28 of 1969 in San Francisco de Macorís. She has a degree in Business Administration. In 1992 he emigrates to the United States, where he begins to experiment in the world of entertainment and develop a special empathy with the audience, who gives it the name of The Queen of Karaoke.

He participated in the television reality show Yo Canto of the Telemundo network in Puerto Rico. Several years ago he returned to the Dominican Republic. In 2016, she won the Soberano prize in the solo singer category.