My neighborhood is at Christmas

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My neighborhood is at Christmas it is a social program that generates community participation practices. This program takes the Christmas season as an opportunity for the neighborhood environment to reflect on the values ​​of collective work in their own environment.

Promotes the development of creativity and the appreciation of the traditions associated with Christmas festivities.

The purposes of this program are aimed at promoting national traditions and spiritual values ​​associated with the celebration of Christmas, as a relevant means to strengthen the elements of Dominican identity that are expressed in each community. In this sense, it is expected that the program allows:

1. Generate community participation practices aimed at promoting traditional Christmas activities in neighborhoods.

2. Strengthen the values ​​associated with Christmas, such as hope in the arrival of a better future and its associated factors such as solidarity, coexistence, family unity, among others.

3. Deepen the sense of belonging to the neighborhood and individual and collective responsibility with community life, where the citizen recognizes himself as an active subject and responsible for his own social and cultural processes.

Components of the program

1.Traditions workshops for Christmas decorations with recyclable materials. 

2.Contest Decorate your Neighborhood, with cash prizes to the three best neighborhoods, accompanied by concerts by local orchestras. 

3.Tertulias and conversations. 

4. Guided tours to the participating sectors in the contest.

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