My Neighborhood is at Christmas 2018 My Neighborhood is at Christmas 2018
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It is important for the León Center to build spaces that facilitate collective exchange. Even more so in Christmas times where sharing is tradition, as the program has become over the years My Neighborhood is at Christmas. This cultural program promotes the beautification of sectoral environments by encouraging popular creativity, with activities that encourage the participation of each of its members as steps towards the development of integration and collective responsibility.

During a meeting with neighborhood boards, community associations and the media, Cerveza Presidente and Centro León presented in November the bases of the 12th edition of the contest Decorate your Barrio 2018, within the program My Neighborhood is at Christmas.

On this occasion, eleven communities participated in the most anticipated program of the year, motivated to show the energy that connects them through colored lights and ornaments with recycled materials. Each decorative element used within this process represents the result of a collaborative work full of creativity and originality. The neighborhoods registered in the contest belong to the city of Santiago de los Caballeros, represented through their neighborhood councils or corresponding community organizations.

My Neighborhood is at Christmas It includes activities to promote the integration of all those involved in the process, such as: workshops for making Christmas ornaments using recycled materials in their preparation, visit of the jury of the contest to the participating streets, and the guided tour to the winning sectors of the contest.

Rewarding community integration

The Cienfuegos Union, Ensanche Dolores and Los Ciruelitos obtained the first places in the Contest Decorate your Barrio 2018. First place went to the 1 pedestrian avenue Sabana Iglesia, La Unión Cienfuegos, awarded RD $ 100,000.00 and a concert with El Prodigio, held on December 13. Second place was awarded to San Pedro Ensanche Dolores Street, which obtained RD $ 75,000.00 and a concert on the night of December 14 with the group of El Norte. For the third place, awarded to 9 Los Ciruelitos Street, RD $ 50,000.00 and a concert with the Dixon Román group, the December 12, were delivered.

El Novato Award He went to 4 Father Las Casas Street receiving RD $ 40,000.00. For this distinction, the communities that participated for the first time in the Decora tu Barrio contest were evaluated. And the Special Prize 15 Anniversary Centro León It was awarded to 23 Villa Verde Street, obtaining RD $ 20,000.00, for the presence of elements alluding to the 15 years of the León Center in its decorations.

The awards ceremony was performed during a concert with the musical group Son Santiaguero, at the facilities of the cultural center. In this meeting between neighborhoods the decision of the jury of the contest was made public, composed of José Adelcio Núñez, supervisor of Events and Promotion of Dominican National Brewery; the folklorist and executive director of Casa de Arte, Rafael Almánzar; Mariolisa Piña Duluc, Education coordinator of the León Center; Ramón Paulino, president of the Santiago Destination Tourism Cluster, and the communicators José Fabián and Ney Zapata.

After being awarded, the communities prepare to spread all the joy that characterizes this era by receiving the public that runs every year the routes to the winning sectors. From the beginning of the contest, visitors rush to secure their positions within the route so as not to miss the streets full of celebration, union and color. The city of Santiago lights flashes of light in every corner where the word share acquires meaning by connecting with each other and becoming a path of community joy.


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