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Portray Christmas in your neighborhood


Since 2006 the León Center has developed My neighborhood is at Christmas a social program that generates community participation practices. This program takes the Christmas season as an opportunity for the neighborhood to reflect on the values ​​of collective work in its own environment. It promotes the development of creativity and the appreciation of the traditions associated with the Christmas festivities. Its main component has been the realization of the contest for the decoration of streets and community spaces called Decorate your neighborhood.

Faced with the imminent presence of Covid-19 during the 2020 Christmas period, the León Center invites community organizations to participate in the community photographic contest Portray Christmas in your neighborhood.


Promote the development of creativity and the appreciation of the traditions associated with the Christmas festivities through a photographic contest that allows registering the historical, social and cultural moment that we are experiencing due to the pandemic and its impact on traditions as important as Christmas.

  1. 1.Who can participate?

All the neighborhoods of Santiago de los Caballeros can participate, duly represented through their neighborhood councils or corresponding community organizations, who must present the relevant accreditations through a special power of attorney granted for that purpose, in accordance with the model that would be presented with the bases .

  1. 2.What are the categories of participation?

It is a unique category. That it involves the neighborhood at Christmas and that shows the current pandemic period.

The registered community must send a photographic project with a minimum of 8 photographs and a maximum 15.

  1. 3.What will the jury assess?

The ability to register the participants to document with their cell phone or camera how the festivities of a traditional period were celebrated, in the current circumstances of a pandemic, Christmas, from 15 from December 2020 to 2 from January 2021, including dinner of Christmas Eve. How the people celebrated, how the encounters took place, how they assumed the setting, the exchange in family and community terms, how the health protocols were respected.

In other words, the pillars of identity, habitability, creativity and thematic Christmas message in the construction and recording of history.

  1. 4.Who will be the jury?

Photographers, sociologists, cultural managers, Centro León staff.

  1. 5.How to participate?
  • Each community must elect two community leaders representing the sector, who will be presented by means of a letter from the neighborhood council or community organization.
  • They will fill out the registration form available on the Centro León website, and attach the identity and electoral card of the representatives to this form.
  • The photographs will be sent via WeTransfer, Dropbox, email (This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) or physical delivery of USB memory. The email or USB memory must indicate the name of the community and its representatives.
  • The winning communities must also deliver a power of attorney authorizing those represented to receive the prizes offered by the contest.
  1. 6.Contest dates

Launch of the Contest. Thursday December 3 of 2020.

Enrollment dates. Del 7 al 21 from December de 2020.

Workshop date. Wednesday 9 and 16 December 2020.

Date limit for sending photographic project. January 5, 2021.

Evaluation of the jury. 6 2021 January.

Date to announce the results. Between January 6 and 8, 2021.

Date for exhibition of winning projects image gallery. Between January 6 and 8, 2021.

Date for the physical delivery of prizes. Wednesday 13 from January de 2021.

  1. 7.About the awards

The prizes are unappealable and will consist of:

First place: RD $ 55,000.00

Second place: RD $ 35,000.00

Third place: RD $ 25,000.00

7. Acceptance of the bases, use of image and ownership of participating works.

1. It is understood that all contestants who are winners will be obliged to sign a document releasing Centro Cultural Eduardo León Jimenes, and their respective affiliates, shareholders, directors, officers and employees, who will not be responsible for any loss, loss or damage caused by the prize or derived from its acceptance, possession, use or misuse of it. Winning contestants must authorize in the same document the use of their images and voices without receiving any type of compensation. If the winning contestants do not comply with all of the above, they will be automatically disqualified.

2. Contestants, from the moment they complete the registration form and in perpetuity, authorize Centro Cultural Eduardo León Jimenes to make use of their images and voices, captured throughout the different stages of the contest by personnel arranged for such purposes by Eduardo León Jimenes Cultural Center, as well as the images of the products and / or works that they make or present in the scope of the Contest, by any means and without any territorial restriction and, to that end, they waive any action, interest, right or claim that they have or may have on the occasion of the use of the aforementioned images and voices.

3. Acceptance of the terms and conditions of this Contest implies that all contestants agree to assign, exclusively, free of charge and without territorial limitations, to the Eduardo León Jimenes Foundation, Inc., indefinitely, the patrimonial rights of the photographic works that they submitted for participation in the Contest. Said works will become the exclusive property of the Eduardo León Jimenes Foundation, Inc., the founding institution of the León Center, which reserves the right of reproduction in a general sense and exhibition through the León Center, as it deems appropriate, respecting the rights morals of the author, in accordance with Law No. 65-00 on Copyright or with the legislation that may succeed him.

4. Eduardo León Jimenes Cultural Center may reserve the right to limit, modify, extend or cancel the Contest, if circumstances require it, without its responsibility being compromised. In case of necessity, it reserves the right to vary the legal bases without claiming any compensation, it is enough that the new legal bases of the contest are previously informed.

5. In the event that the participation of any contestant implies the direct or indirect violation of current legal obligations, relating to environmental law, curfew for a special period or any other, in no case will it be understood that the responsibility of Centro Cultural Eduardo Leon Jimenes.

6. Participation in this contest implies acceptance and submission of each of the participants to the conditions described in the legal bases.

7. Any situation not contemplated in the legal bases will be resolved or clarified by the ordinary national courts based in Santiago de los Caballeros, the parties being consequently subject to the common law of the Dominican Republic.

  1. 8.Additional Information

The rules of the Contest will be posted on the Centro León website and posted on social media. Any additional information may be requested directly at the León Center 809-582-2315.

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