Decorate your neighborhood | 2014
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From 2006, the Leon Center celebrates the contest My neighborhood is at Christmas, in company and strategic alliance with business institutions and other collaborators. 

This program aims to strengthen the cultural identity around one of the most fervent traditions of the country, which is Christmas, for what they represent in emotional and playful terms, as well as social and personal exchange.

The use of recycled material, the popular ingenuity to create bizarre figures, the handling of interactive elements, mechanics, audiovisual resources and others, combine to offer a true space for encounter, festivity, joy, solidarity, social work, community integration, identity , tradition and change. The organization of this program commits the institution to visit these communities during the festive period. In this way, a contribution is made to the collective celebration of a time of happiness, of peace, in family, with the spirit of solidarity to share together, to create together and to celebrate together the most awaited season of the year: Christmas.

In 2014, with the sponsorship of beer Presidente, Decorate your neighborhood gave the first place to Avenida Antonio Guzmán, of La Herradura; the second prize went to Calle 9, from Los Ciruelitos; and the third prize was received by Calle Proyecto, from El Ejido. 3 Street, between First Avenue and Second Avenue of the Ensanche Gregorio Luperon-Cambodia, received a special award. The jury on this occasion was made up of Carlos Rodríguez Calvo, Neury Mieses, Nicandro Pérez, Marianna Frías, Ramón Paulino, Ney Zapata, María Isabel Tejeda and José Fabián Rosario.

In neighborhoods of the city of Santiago, talent and popular creativity put children, young people and seniors in motion, showing their Christmas decorations not only to win a prize, but also to enjoy together.


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