The neighborhood joins to decorate | 2013
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My neighborhood is at Christmas:

Tradition that adds to popular culture.

Christmas always provides a moment to share, either in family or in community, making frequent anecdotes, Christmas carols, mañanitas, the embrace of neighbors or relatives who come from another country or ginger tea made in the street of the neighborhood and the meeting of the community to decorate together for Christmas.

There is an enthusiasm that is perceived in the decoration of each home, and also transcends to the streets of the neighborhoods, as a way to promote national customs and spiritual values ​​associated with the festivities of the time.

My neighborhood is at Christmas motivated the residents of different sectors of Santiago and Santo Domingo to celebrate and dance under colored lights and decorations achieved in collective in its seventh version.

The neighborhood joins to decorate

Motivated by a spirit of integration and collaboration, it is a tradition that in neighborhoods, neighbors gather at the end of the year to decorate their streets and public spaces. Made by which the Lion Center has developed the contest called Decorate your Neighborhood, within the program My neighborhood is in

Christmas, with the purpose of promoting the traditions and spiritual values ​​associated with the celebrations of Christmas, as a relevant means to strengthen the elements of the Dominican identity that are expressed in the neighborhood communities.

For the realization of this contest, as in previous years, the León Center was sponsored by Cervecería Nacional Dominicana and Recicladora del Cibao, which jointly recognized and awarded the best decorations according to the bases and requirements established for the 2013 version. . The creativity, originality, thematic messages, materials used and community participation were part of the elements taken into account by the jury made up of members of the sponsoring companies, as well as the artists of the 5 Collective and members of the León Center. For four consecutive days, the selection and award jury conducted a tour of the neighborhoods, streets and participating sectors with the objective of selecting the winners.

During those days, the jury could appreciate the amazing decorations of each of the participating sectors. The colors, the lights, the music, the happiness of its people and above all the enthusiasm of having done a team work for the benefit of the whole community, were the most evident characteristics in all the participants.

The contest reaches Santo Domingo

From the month of November the notice of the 2013 version of this contest was made public, the inscriptions of the different sectors of the neighborhoods of Santiago de los Caballeros did not wait. In the same year, space was opened for the first time so that other sectors outside the heart city would participate in the contest, these being the sectors of the 30 neighborhoods of Mayo and Bayona in Santo Domingo, first to participate from the capital city.

On the night of 15 in December, the Caribbean Patio was the place that welcomed the participants and community members of the different sectors, who came to the institution to know the names of the winners of this version. Five awards were given in this opportunity, three for Santiago and two for Santo Domingo.

In a sinigual environment, between applause, music, Christmas sharing and the expectation of all, finally the names of the five winning sectors were announced, filling the place with each mention with joy and rejoicing. During the award ceremony, a video was screened where all those present could appreciate the artistic display that was displayed in each of the decorations. Meanwhile, the image of satisfaction was reflected in each of the faces of the community members who, as they themselves highlighted, had put their grain of sand contributing what they knew best, in order to achieve a result that met the necessary characteristics to win one of the prizes.


And the winners are…

In Santiago, the first prize went to Calle Máximo Cabral, of Ensanche Dolores, the second prize was Calle Antonio Guzmán, of La Herradura and the third prize went to Calle 9 in the Los Ciruelitos sector. In Santo Domingo, the streets Brisas Tropical and Julián Echevarría, esq. Anastasio Tronil, both in Bayonne, winners of the first and second place, respectively. The prizes for the winners of the first, second and third place for Santiago are RD $ 100,000.00, RD $ 75,000.00 and RD $ 50,000.000, respectively and for Santo Domingo RD $ 100,000.00, for the first place and RD $ 50,000.00 for the second. In addition to concerts with live musical groups in each of the sectors. The invited artists were: Kiko El Presidente and Krispy y su Bombazo Típico, for Santo Domingo and Andy Santiago, La India Canela and La Grande Fefita for the neighborhoods of the heart city. As is customary, the members of the Amigos Centro León program carried out the Christmas route, in which they visited the participating neighborhoods of Santo Domingo and made a tour of the winning streets of Santiago with the general public, an opportunity that the community took advantage of to receive smiling visitors and proudly show the creations that made them winners of this edition . Presidente Beer, Recicladora del Cibao and Eduardo León Jimenes Foundation were the sponsors of this edition.



"It is not only to win the contest that we decorate our streets, it is that all of us who live here enjoy doing this, and we want it to be maintained, we do it so that the little ones can see us and when we are not they are the ones who take charge of doing it, we can not lose this tradition. "

Neighbor of one of the participating streets in Santiago de los Caballeros.




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