The trajectory tells us about routes, itineraries, trips. It refers to the course or direction that someone follows with the passage of time, while it is a category linked to evolution and development. Likewise, it raises the recognition of the legacy of our cultural predecessors and the multiplicity of the artistic work of our creators. This field raises not only the notion of transfer from the cultural nomadism, but also the transfer of meaning and the novel ways of analysis from the perspective of the visual arts. In this way, artists such as Cándido Bidó and Hilario Rodríguez, evaluate from their works the transits and transfers, the movement of people in their habitat. At the same time, other artists such as Mónica Ferreras, Jorge Pineda, Carlos Núñez (Wachao) and Quisqueya Henríquez, evoke migrations and uprooting, as well as the aesthetic and conceptual mutations of contemporaneity.