In this thematic space it is visible how through its historiography in Dominican visual art, milestones have arised in terms of the construction of critical and reflective thinking. In the work of artists of all times, it shows how the dichotomous binary imaginary that polarizes many of our notions is questioned. At the same time it poses a critical reflection of the social, economic and political context in which the creator is developed and from there the differences, similarities, certainties and uncertainties of the world of today are made visible. Domingo Liz, Asdrúbal Domínguez and Vicente Pimentel, among others, make of the artistic production a field of discussion where they enunciate their social commitment and critically deliberate on their contexts. Likewise, recent productions by Raúl Recio, Leo Núñez and Raquel Paiewonsky, among many others, renew this commitment in a penetrating way, raising the tensions of contemporary Dominican society, while at the same time worrying about a broader character such as insularity and rootedness.