Genesis and trajectory includes a selection of works from the Eduardo León Jimenes Collection of Visual Arts. This exhibition, as a discursive element, proposes that the publics know, recognize and value the cultural features of Dominican society through their artistic production.

The Eduardo Jimenes Collection of Visual Arts has been growing since 1964 with the awarded works of the Eduardo León Jimenes Art Contest. The creation of Centro León in 2003 propitiated that artists and collectors enrich this set of works with their donations. Currently, it has representative pieces of a wide range of periods and styles of Dominican art and, for this reason, its exhibition to the publics is of rotary character.

On the 50th anniversary of the Eduardo León Jimenes Art Contest, new parameters were renewed and included for the perception and knowledge of Genesis and Trajectory. For the first time the exhibition assumes an interdisciplinary curatorial process that integrates pedagogical approach and intentionality into the artistic and incorporates resources that include music to offer multiple readings, approaches and forms of knowledge.

Promoting an open and plural reflection, an exercise called Thinking of the Collection was conceived, in which the voices of specialists, artists, educators and collaborators were heard to form an exposition that would broaden the range of action of the two nouns that defined its spectrum. Thus, to Genesis and Trajectory, in its fifth edition, were added three categories that define these 50 years: Genesis, Rupture, Construction, Reflection, and Trajectory.y.

These elements are the nucleus of the new five exhibition areas that act radially in the museographic display. The exhibition allows a historical narrative to be read while establishing an epochal dialogue that offers the possibility of reflecting on the ways in which our art and context have traveled and transited.