To construct, as an action, can be seen from the artistic perspectives of formal language and conceptual contents. In this thematic area one can feel how, from the language, many artists concentrate on the transformation of traditional and academic ways of doing, and dedicate to the conformation of a new artistic alphabet with different contextual references. The abstraction, the use of extra-artistic elements and the definition of a definite individual discourse, are essential elements for this notion of construction. As for the conceptual, this foundation refers to the role of art in the creation of a national or contextual imaginary through symbologies or archetypal elements. Artists such as Guillo Pérez, Wifredo García and Mario Grullón propose a reconstruction of languages and concepts that allude to the aesthetic as a category, as well as to the recognition of elements of the Dominican culture that in previous moments were despised by the artistic discourse. In this same way, we can analyze the production of artists such as Tony Capellán, Carlos Santos and Cristian Martínez (Crismar) who reflect on dominican culture from a perspective and artistic discourse closely linked to the desires of their contemporary contexts.