After the educational visit, 45-minute workshops are offered, which encourage exploration, creativity and critical thinking of the students. After visiting the exhibition rooms, the participants, together with an artist-educator, explore various ideas and themes highlighted in the exhibitions and carry out through various means to carry out an art project (painting, sculpture, screen printing, collage, sculpture with recycled materials or facilities). These workshops are appropriate to the curricular needs of the teacher and school groups.


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Know your heritage


LThe workshops Know Your heritage, consist of activities and / or exercises that allow through critical reflections to recognize and know the material and immaterial heritage that the Dominican culture has. 


Recognize and know the material and immaterial Dominican heritage.

Disseminate and value the tangible and intangible Heritage in order to strengthen the Dominican cultural identity and the feeling of pride in it.

Develop critical skills and reflections on heritage.


Work methodology:

Visit to the permanent halls of the Leon Center; hall of anthropology Signs of Identity, and of visual arts, Genesis and Trajectory. From the heritage that these rooms contain, activities and exercises that will allow the recognition and knowledge of them are suggested.


Duration of the workshop: 

 45 minutes

 Offers of visits Know Your Heritage:

1 Be the curator of your own exhibition ...

This visit / workshop will allow you to be a curator, performing the exercise of reflecting and selecting works that allow you to tell stories or talk about situations of the topic that you select or that is your preference.

Steps to be a curator and create an exhibition:

Suggested topics: The environment and / or the Dominican woman

a Select the theme of your preference:

Choose the audience to whom the exhibition is directed.

Walk through the Visual Arts, Genesis and Trajectory room

To heal !!! ... Select the works that speak visually of the theme that you selected. Place the name, author and scope where the work is in each painting.


























Create a short speech 






Tell your friends the experience of curing your exposure

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