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Teaching guide for teachers

What is the Teaching guide for teachers? 
La Teaching guide for teachers is an educational material aimed at teachers that links the contents of the permanent exhibitions of the León Center with the contents of the current academic curriculum in the Dominican Republic.

Teaching guide for teachers. Preparation of school visits to the León Center

La Teaching guide for teachers at Centro León is elaborated by its specialists in order to encourage teachers to obtain the greatest possible didactic benefit from the visits their students make to the exhibitions organized by the institution. The Guide thus becomes a didactic work tool that allows:

Why use the Guide?

The Leon Center, through the Training Department, in collaboration with specialists in anthropology and visual arts, published its Teaching guide for teachers, in order to enhance the visit of students and teachers to their exhibition rooms based on the methodology Think of art, that tries to awaken the greater level of complexity of the students during the visit.


Chronologies are tools that allow to know and use the objects of the collections of visual arts and anthropology as a didactic resource for schoolchildren and teachers, as well as for the public interested in learning more about the material and immaterial patromon of the Dominican culture.

Extended Files

The extended files are resources that allow those interested to deepen about the objects that contain the collections of anthropology, archeology, ethnography, and visual arts of the Leon Center.





Didactic materials

The didactic materials are learning resources that are generated from the projects and programs that are carried out in the León Center. Among the main objectives that underlie these educational publications, is the development of reflective and critical thinking among users based on the topic (s) in question.