"This is a scoop donation, it will not be the only one. I have planned more donations, that is, it is contemplated that I am going to donate or deliver the documentary funds. " This is how Danilo De Los Santos explained the donation to the León Center that he carried out in 2013 and which was named Pictorial and Documentary Background Danilo De Los Santos.

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The Encuentro con la Memoria was celebrated on the occasion of the bicentennial of Sánchez's birth.

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The conference is part of the Curando Caribe II program, held in coordination with the Cultural Center of Spain in Santo Domingo.

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The visit to the artistic forum of Havana served to hold meetings with Cuban cultural institutions.

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The historian and economist Bernardo Vega spoke yesterday with the audience at a conversation at the León Center about Dominican culture after the fall of Trujillo.

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The French historian and collector Louis-Antoine Prat, spoke on the importance of the Italian stays of the distinguished painter born in Samaná.

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