"This is a scoop donation, it will not be the only one. I have planned more donations, that is, it is contemplated that I am going to donate or deliver the documentary funds. " This is how Danilo De Los Santos explained the donation to the León Center that he carried out in 2013 and which was named Pictorial and Documentary Background Danilo De Los Santos.

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This specialized conversation was held in coordination with the Hecho Aquí project.

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The catalog with the same name was also shared with the public, a documentary was presented and the last one was a commented visit.

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Drawing of vertical format and centric composition that shows a black and voluptuous female figure (Marola), who looks downcast and sitting with his hands to the front holding white flowers on his lap. Marola is wearing a white dress and cloth over her head in peasant fashion.

Curious fact: The work described belongs to the vast series Marolas, name assigned by the artist to the black female figure that he represented since the 70 decade; which made frequent appearances in his artistic production, some with symbolic intention.

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The new literary publication was presented during an Encounter at the Media Center of the León Center.

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Painting of rectangular format, composed horizontally offers the scene of four black women. The first on the far right, with black-white print. Nearly two others talking and in the background a fourth, walks. All have white cloths on their heads in peasant fashion and a clear blue sky of evaporated clouds stands out.

Award of the VI Eduardo León Jimenes Art Contest, 1970.

Curious fact:

This painting represents the beginning of the "Marolas", a monothemium of the artist.

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From our specialized collection in art, this time the book is recommended Republic of color. Written by Danilo de los Santos and inspired by the film by Héctor M. Valdez.

This book was born as a project of search and rescue of identity, from the point of reference of the Dominican plastic arts.

In your table of contents you will find:

An island of colors.

Impressions of the first looks.

Encounter of two racial tones.

Mix with the third ethnic group.

Tonality of helplessness and survival.

The spirit of the Creole.

I sing to the mother.

The journey of tropical color.

The activity is part of the cultural program on collecting and had the special participation of the collector Isaac Rudman.

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Painting focusing on black woman with fabric-outfit collage on light blue background with clothesline of various fragments also of fabric.

About the Author:

"'I am a puertoplateño that was born again in Santiago' affirms de los Santos.

He owes his passion for the plastic arts to the undeniable talent that he possesses, to the discipline with which he has assumed that talent and the life coincidences with the teacher Mario Grullón, who accompanied his days as a sick child and adolescent between drawings and paintings. And formal studies at the Yoryi Morel Academy. And the theater classes with Divina Gómez. Almost nothing".

Fragments taken from the entrance Danilo de los Santos or live art by Daniela Cruz Gil, from the blog Del Sol with San Luis.

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More than 18 thousand people, mostly students, visited the exhibitions of Miró and Tebó.

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Critics of art and friends of the artist shared their experiences and opinions about his work, heading to the exhibition next October.

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Judit Peralta, Marisela Meier, Lusbania Santos and Milagros Rodríguez commented on their experience in the construction process of this work and their approach to the artist.

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In this work of eight volumes, the history of Dominican painting is discussed taking into account social, economic and political aspects. In addition, themes typical of this art such as technique, style and schools.

This work represents a study of the development of Dominican painting within its broader social context. Comparisons are also made between this genre and others of the visual arts, such as sculpture, engraving and photography. The publication was carried out thanks to the sponsorship of León Jimenes Group.

Santos, Danilo de los, 1944-

Memory of the Dominican Painting / Danilo de los Santos. - Santo Domingo: Grupo León Jimenes, 2003.

8v: il. - (Leon Jimenes Centennial Collection)

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Danicel was born in Puerto Plata and was educated in Santiago de los Caballeros from an early age. He began his artistic training with Mario Grullón and attending the Yoryi Academy. Later, he went to the School of Fine Arts of the city, where he was trained with Yoryi Morel and Federico Izquierdo. While studying at the Mother and Teacher Catholic University (UCMM), he became one of the founders of the Friordano Group, with which he exhibited between 1968 and 1971. After the collective experience with Friordano, Danicel (name with which this artist usually appears) continued to develop a personal work in which the feminine theme is highlighted. Along with his artistic career, he has carried out an important work as a historian , curator and art critic. Miseriografía is part of one of the first creative cycles of this author, which develops from his artistic practice within the Friordano Group. The piece shows a famished figure, seated in profile, who has on his legs a vessel where the skeleton of a fish is located. Until the end of the sixties, Danicel produced a body of work that stands out for addressing a theme of great humanism, rooted in social problems, as was common for many national artists of the sixties generation. In this way, hungry, unprotected characters, associated with poverty and misery, are the protagonists of many of these works. From the formal point of view, the artist reduces the drawing to the essential, using thick lines and fillings achieved with a mixture of extra-pictorial materials, which cause a predominance of the texture over the color and give this painting a great dramatic force.

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With regard to the homonymous title exhibition presented at the National Gallery of Fine Arts, Danilo de los Santos, Marianne de Tolentino and Quisqueya Lora discussed the work of this artist politically and socially committed.

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The León Center hosted the final day of the International Seminar held in the Dominican Republic from the 1 to the 3 in February of 2006.

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The books of the Dominican painter Danilo De los Santos included in the Leon Jimenes Group Centennial Collection are on sale at the Centro León and the main bookstores in the country.

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The Leon Center presented in its Auditorium the panel The Romanticism in France and in America with the participation of art critics Myrna Guerrero, Danilo De los Santos and Laura Gil.

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The Leon Center presented on Tuesday 11 of May the conversation "Remembering Federico Izquierdo", in homage to the recently deceased artist. The activity, which was led by the renowned art critics Myrna Guerrero and Danilo De los Santos, was held in the Leon Center auditorium.

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