Danilo De Los Santos: the passion of a detached collector

"This is a scoop donation, it will not be the only one. I have planned more donations, that is, it is contemplated that I am going to donate or deliver the documentary funds. " This is how Danilo De Los Santos explained the donation to the León Center that he carried out in 2013 and which was named Pictorial and Documentary Background Danilo De Los Santos.

The Dominican historian, critic and artist, who died in July of this year, made available to the cultural center a selection of documents and works of art from his personal collection, a representative sample of Dominican art.

These donations to the León Center, made at different times, show a generous dimension of Danilo as a passionate collector and connoisseur of Dominican art.

The legacy of Danilo

From his exquisite and privileged collection of visual arts and art documentation, Danilo took off valuable pieces that he donated to the León Center on several occasions and that make up the Danilo De Los Santos Pictorial and Documentary Fund.

The list of cultural assets donated to date by Danilo De Los Santos includes a valuable variety: 93 posters, posters and prints; 43 pictorial works, 9 ethnographic objects, 10 photographs, 1 sculpture and 1 lithography.

The vast list of posters, posters and engravings stands out: a testimonial sample of exhibitions and activities related to the Dominican visual arts between the years 1969 and 2001.

The pictorial works include works of the aforementioned artists and their own creation. In different periods he donated works by Ramón Oviedo, Nidia Serra, Frank Almánzar, Gina Rodríguez, Marianela Jiménez, Myrna Guerrero, Thelma Leonor Espinal and Vitico Cabrera. Also Daniel Henriquez, Orlando Menicucci, Roberto Ceballos, Rosa Tavarez, among other names and surnames with specific weight in the history of the Dominican visual arts.

From an exchange, Danilo obtained a caricature of Juan Bosch made by the master Ramón Oviedo: an extraordinary piece, both for the technique used and for the character represented.