Ecoeducative Workshop for Parks of Santiago

On my first excursion through the green spaces of the city of Santiago, I had the opportunity to see the Natural Monument of the Tinaja Falls and the Botanical Garden Professor Eugenio de Jesús Marcano.

Foto1One Sunday morning, together with a group of enthusiasts, I left from the León Center to the first destination.

The Jacagua River, in its transit to the Santiago Valley, has been piercing in the stone a set of twenty waterfalls or falls, whose beauty transforms them into a true natural monument. On this visit we only met one of the jumps, about twenty minutes walk from the entrance, but it was enough to get an idea of ​​the rest.

The work carried out by the El Saltadero Foundation is noteworthy. In addition to promoting the designation of a natural monument, it also dealt with the resettlement of a group of families living on the banks of the river, incorporating them into the protection and development of a nursery. native species that is playing an important role in the ecological action of the province.Foto2

The journey is made by stone or dirt paths and the river must be crossed several times, which at this time of year has no problems. The forest, type gallery, allows to see different types of tree species, flora and some specimens of fauna, especially insects, lizards and birds. Also the river canyon allows to visualize interesting aspects of the local geology in diverse points. The comments of some volunteer specialists who joined the delegation were telling us about these issues.

Foto3The tour continued through the recently inaugurated Botanical Garden of Santiago, located in the northern part of the city. It is a large park located in a land of 260,000 mts² meters and in the simultaneous development phase of multiple areas.

His work focuses on the protection and conservation of Dominican biodiversity, highlighting its bank of different species of mahogany and the creation of thematic spaces of various kinds, which allow a journey with multiple attractions. It is undoubtedly a great initiative fruit of the active participation of multiple institutions and people to achieve their recreational, scientific and cultural objectives.Foto4

It was an excellent Sunday for places close to the city and that took us about five hours in total. Highly recommended for lovers of nature and the environment.

Mario Núñez Muñoz
General Coordinator of Communications and Marketing of the Leon Center