The man who cares, by Alejandro Andújar

I insist on the idea of ​​measuring the health of our cinematography with one of its best parameters: the quantity (and quality) of the debutantes.

For the case that concerns us, The man who cares, debut as a director for Alejandro Andújar, is one of the best news of the year for Dominican cinema.

I want to say it at the beginning: The man who cares It is a film that presents levels of excellence that fill us with pride and hope in the development of a high quality cinema in the Dominican Republic.

Andújar we know a proven career as a screenwriter. From blockbuster hits like Lotoman (2011), until adaptations like The strange (2014), going through a film as worthy as Christ the King (2013).

Now introduce us The man who cares, a libretto written with four hands with Amelia del Mar Hernández, who also co-produces, whose quality is certified by several means: he was the winner of the Fonprocine contest of the General Direction of Cinema of the Dominican Republic, as well as the Ibermedia Program and del Ancine, a fabulous program of collaboration between Brazil and Latin America.

A few days ago, I remembered the words of Master Akira Kurosawa: "With a good script, a good director can produce a masterpiece ... But with a bad script, not even a good director can make a good movie". I bring it up because the script of The man who cares is very good and, from that condition, an excellent film has been achieved.

The man who cares It presents very well structured characters, with well-defined psychological profiles, representing different social classes without falling into useless descriptions, otherwise unnecessary. They are characters that say much more than what they express in words and that are based on a magnificent cast.

When in a film the script becomes "invisible" it is a sign that it is very good. When in a film photography and music become "invisible", it is a sign of their excellence. When in a film we are faced with the feeling that nothing is left over, it is because the most significant details have been taken care of to give us quality. And all that is appreciated in The man who cares, one of the best premieres of 2017.

José D'Laura
Facilitator Cine Club Centro León.