The Higuey pilgrimage

Every year, the East region welcomes a large number of parishioners from all over the country and beyond, such as Dominicans and Dominicans residing in the United States and Haitian nationals coming directly from the neighboring Republic of Haiti, for whom, although in lesser proportion, Altagracia is also its patron.

The particularity of this sacred festival is the early beginning. From the 20 of January the followers of the Virgin of the Altagracia initiate their devotion with salves to the virgin, and with the trips or tours to the basilica, under the responsibility of the brotherhoods of the churches, and the Commissaries of Christ who are also integrated to devotion and pilgrimage.

But the biggest contrast is staged the same 20 from January at night, in the same courtyard of the basilica, square where visitors from all over the country are staying. In this backyard of the solemn sacred structure, human temptations run everywhere, forgetting, for a moment, the motive of convocation and the people, moving from one place to another as if it were a cultural fair.

Visitors from all over the country, from the Caribbean and from other parts of the world, devoted, sick and in need of better luck, are accompanied by hermitages on their shoulders, songs, salvos, prayers, prayers, and faith, to formalize promises or to fulfill votive offerings. and other commitments, to the miracle received from the Virgin of Altagracia, filling with faith, fervor and enthusiasm the most important pilgrimage of the Dominican people.

Carlos Andújar Persinal
Culture Coordinator