Reflection processes in contemporary production. Pedagogical space 26 Eduardo León Jimenes Art Contest

Each León Center exhibition seeks visitors to interact with the works, creating reflection-action spaces motivated by activities inside and outside the exhibition.

The selected works of 26 of Eduardo León Jimenes Art Contest They motivated a pedagogical curatorship aimed at different audiences: teachers, students, families, artists, interested in contemporary art, among others.  

Parallel to the exhibition were designed four pedagogical points for visitors. The historical point that had the chronology and history of the 52 years of history Eduardo León Jimenes Art Contest. The Reading Point, offered visitors access to local and international art production publications in other time spaces. These points were available in the Cafeteria, Interior Patio and Media Library. The Creative Point, intended for the experimentation, construction and deconstruction of creative processes linked to the exhibited works. The point of story construction, space where visitors, from the experience with the works, shared their stories on a magnetized wall and later on social networks with #26CAELJ.

The families had a business card that allowed an observation race where children and parents explored the exhibition with open questions. This material stimulated reflection and interaction with the works.

Digital resources designed for teachers and students were presented at a meeting between teachers. This pedagogical tool promoted the teachers to work with the works before, during and after the visit to the 26 Eduardo León Jimenes Art Contest.  The digital presentations were linked to the fundamental and specific competences of the Dominican academic curriculum. The topics addressed in this didactic material were: identity, exclusion, public, private, landscape, intimacy, body, popular crafts, participation, territory, place, memory, amnesia.

The dialogue of creative processes

As of the opening of the exhibition room, each selected artist made comments on the creative processes and conceptualization of the works exhibited in various meetings within the exhibition. Within the activity called Art in Process, the invited artist from the Caribe Blue Curry Dimension commented on his work and production experience in Santiago, Dominican Republic. In the Meeting between Teachers space, techniques and processes of how to approach contemporary art were discussed using didactic materials designed for the 26 Eduardo León Jimenes Art Contest. Conversations between curators motivated by the Association of Arts Critics - ADCA - in its Tuesday of the Critics session, the vision of an artist, a jury and a curator about the Eduardo León Jimenes Art Contest.


María Belissa Ramírez de Zaiek

Manager of Education, Sociocultural Animation and Communications