First edition Curando Caribe: positive results for art

Photographer Fausto Ortiz has been selected for a collective exhibition in Long Beach, California in September by 2017.

As a result of your participation in viewing portfolios of Healing Caribbean, photographer santiaguense Fausto Ortiz has been selected by the curator Tatiana Flores to participate in the exhibition Relational Undercurrents: Contemporary Art of the Caribbean Archipelago, which will be exhibited from September of 2017 in the Art Museum of Latin America (MOLAA, for its acronym in English).

The artist Elvin Díaz also took advantage of the portfolios to highlight his work. Recently the video art and installation called Flying was presented at the Uptown Bounce event The Museum of the New York District.

The second edition of Healing Caribbean starts in November 2016. The call to submit candidatures to the curator training program opens the September 1. All the information can be found on the web portals of the institutions y

Curators are healing the Caribbean

From the training workshop of curators there are visible results. Curatorial projects executed and executed by their 14 graduates have developed individually and in collaboration with their colleagues or other curators and artists.

Laura Bisonó Smith joined the Lion Center team for the exhibition Green, I want you cold. 80 Years of Beer President in which he participated in the areas of curatorship, museography and assembly.

Yina Jiménez Suriel, together with Luis Graham Castillo, curated the project Muralizing RD: La Vega and the exhibition Before and after, by the artist Ysa de Peña. Also the event Listen and Draw en House Who, Santo Domingo.

The exhibition entitled Neither More nor Less: Woman, Man, Humanity, was cured by the participants Miguel Rivas and Ana Agelán. The exhibition was shown at the Palace of Justice and the Spanish Center of Santiago.

Amy Hussein directs the space House Who. During the program Healing Caribbean and after its conclusion, Hussein has worked on the projects Gloria (co-curatorship with Raúl Miyar); the collective show First edition of ARTEFACTO, in collaboration with Shaveurlegz, at the Palace of Fine Arts of Santo Domingo. And the museography and management of One Night Standards, a show with Carlos De León in the Museum of Modern Art.

During the training workshops, Joel Butler becomes part of the León Center as head of Visual Arts. From his position he has co-curated the exhibitions 7,300 days in the collection of Juan Manuel Portela Bisonó y Gray areas.

In addition to the curatorial work with Jiménez, Luis Graham Castillo has curated the itinerant exhibition Cervantes, this one you see here, for him Cultural Center of Spain, along with José Miguel Font and Luis Reynaldo Pérez, workshop workers alike Healing Caribbean. Plus ExpoViartRD, for him German Cultural Center, 2014-2016.

Ching Ling Ho Shum performed the co-curatorship with Raúl Recio of the exhibition Vox Populi, by the artist José Levy in Mamey bookstore in Santo Domingo. For this sample he created a program of presentations and talks between anthropology, sociology, urbanism, literature, art and urban music.

Leandro Sánchez collaborates with the music project Classics in Dominicana, which seeks to promote the live performance of young classical musicians from our country. The first concert was held at the 28 in July at the Capilla de los Remedios, with the participation of pianist Milton Fernández and soprano Antonia Chabebe; home full. The idea is to make at least four recitals a year.

In addition to the exhibition project on Cervantes, José Miguel Font exhibits as a positive result of Healing Caribbean to have resumed his studies in Altos de Chavón. "Curando Caribe greatly contributed to the development of the same, gave me a broader view on the issue that I developed."

As part of his studies at the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo, Gustavo Adolfo Pérez participated in the X Symposium of the School of History and Art Criticism, called Images and criticism in freedom in today's art. And for the exhibition No more no less. Woman, Man, Humanity, performed the installation called Ballast.

Luis Reynaldo Pérez has also cured the exhibitions Sample of Visual and Digital Poetry, in Jarabacoa, within the program of Festival of Poetry in the Mountain 2015; and Sunset between paddy fields: a photographic look by Navarrete, a photographic exhibition by Delvin Ortega, to be inaugurated in October, 2016.

Jiménez, Castillo, Bisonó and Sánchez also make up the curatorial team of the 26 Eduardo León Jimenes Art Contest.

About the project

Healing Caribbean is a project conceived by the Cultural Center of Spain in Santo Domingo and Leon Center to strengthen three important segments of the public of both institutions: artists, managers and enthusiastic audiences.

In the first edition, from July 2015 to April 2016, exchanges were generated between artists, managers and local audiences, and curators and intellectuals from Latin America. These meetings took place in three modalities: conferences open to the public, a curator training workshop and portfolio viewing sessions.


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