Los Reyes Magos

Of unfailing Catholic tradition, the Magi represent gifts given to the Child Jesus on the day of his birth by those three Kings or magicians from the East and each with a distinctive gift: Melchor (gold), Gaspar (incense) and Baltasar ( myrrh), meaning joy for the birth of the Messiah or new King. All meaning that this birth had a universal dimension.

In our country we follow the tradition of the Three Wise Men and each 6 in January is the party of the children (as) who are decorated with gifts and dedicates all day to their fun and play, the fantasy is part of the game of complicity that accompanies such tradition and ingenuity, is the part in which children enjoy history. In the Capital of the country the day before night is celebrated, the already famous parade of the Magi in the Colonial City crossing several streets of this, with the participation of the Fire Department, the City Hall of the National District and the Catholic Church and as a prelude to the celebration of children.

The regional peculiarities offer us a santiaguera variant that is present in the 25 of December that is when the Child Jesus gives to the children (as) so that they are compensated for their efforts of the year just ended. For those who remain pending or for any reason could not be entertained with long-awaited gifts, the Old Bethlehem brings back the joy at the end of the month and the Bethlehem that represents the city of the birth of the Child Jesus. In such a way that no one is left distressed.

The new times, the opening and the Dominican emigration, has brought a new character to the stage: Santa Claus, who also loaded with toys makes children happy (as), who do not worry much about whether or not he is a legend of other latitudes, but the truth is that its impact shakes like a whirlwind, the traditional Catholic referents and today we are debating between one or another symbol, but as a cultural expression, it must be integrated into all these celebrations. In any case, whether it is the 25 of December, the 6 of January or the end of the month, the children have their Day, the challenge will always be to prevail in them (as) the fantasy, the imagination, the ingenuity and the magic of this tradition that in the end is what matters most.

Carlos Andújar
Anthropology specialist