Birth of the licey

Between the time that baseball was played for the first time in Quisqueya and the 1907 year, 21 years passed, a lapse of time when the events related to the new sport were not of great importance. 

Slowly, as life went on the island, it developed. In 1907 there was a certain degree of stability and the rivalry in baseball in Santo Domingo was represented by the Casino and El Vía, teams that enjoyed some organization, although they operated more like sports clubs than teams.

The event that gives 1907 a special connotation in the history of Dominican baseball is the birth of the Licey club, organized by 15 in November of that year to face the aforementioned teams. The positive sporting trajectory and the organization of this team motivated that with the passage of time other groups were emerging to face it, which generated a dynamic that established the bases on which baseball is based today. The Licey, which later adopted the nickname of Tigers and the blue color, was the cornerstone around which the activity was generated, either to fight it or to defend it, that is why it is also known as The Glorious.

History records the aforementioned date as the moment of emergence of the Licey; the place was the house of Vicente Vallejo, located in El Conde Street No. 85. They were managers, besides the host, Haim H. López Penha, Luis Fiallo, Jacinto R. Vallejo (Pichán), Luis Castillo, Salvador Piñeyro, Álvaro Álvarez, Ricardo Arturo (Tutú) Martínez, Ángel Mieses Lajara, Chichí Mueses, Federico Fiallo, Arturo Perdomo, Luis Vallejo de la Concha, George (Geo) Pou Primet, Virgilio Penson (Ninito), Virgilio Abréu and Tulio H. Pina.

Taken from the book See you on the play! Baseball and Culture in the Dominican Republic, by the essayist Tony Piña.

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