The exhibition, the themes

With the exhibition of the XXIV Eduardo León Jimenes Art Contest, the current edition of a program for the training of artists that has been celebrated in the country for almost half a century and whose development, as has happened in the last six calls, has been under the direction of the León Center.

A general look at the sample indicates what may be a first appreciation: The 22 works belonging to the 15 artists selected by the Jury refer to cardinal aspects of the Dominican social reality, even when this is produced from experience staff of authors who belong to different generations and who present different projections and artistic practices. This mosaic allows a reflection on the particularities of the visual arts of the country and calls us to reflect on ourselves, on what we are as individuals and as a society.

In the diversity of approaches proposed by the selected artists before the most varied aspects of contemporaneity, it seems possible to recognize a set of conceptual nuclei from which it is convenient to organize the analysis. These issues that predominate in the discursive universe of the exhibition are those that respond to autobiographical issues, gender issues, memory and power, as well as alternative places. Although each one stands out differently in the works of the artists, we can also identify transversal links between them. In this way, relationships of complicity, closeness and dialogue are established between these pieces that reflect a moment of great vitality for the Dominican visual arts.

Taken from the book XXI Eduardo León Jimenes Art Contest

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