The Merengue: Rhythm, Word And Color

The merengue began as part of a world where the conuco, the machete and the farm implements entered, the "tierra brava" where the Dominican people sowed their roots 

 = your destination; there were the andullo and the cachimbo, the tropics, the aguardiente and its sequel of intoxication and madness, of Dionysian irrationality; the coconut and the palm tree, the mud and the tejamaní, the hot sun, the güiro and the caribbean chili, the sancocho and the misery, the piglet and the verbena, the "fire of aguardiente", the warmth of the embrace, the shaken flesh - "two taut twisted vines", the agrarian flavor of the early morning, the goat's skin, the weeping and the smile, the anguish and the existential joys; In short, there came the native's word: the merengue became "pen to write history", lips "where drop by drop like a dark river bleed your words". The merengue is rhythm. Musicians of ear and pentagram. Spirit and emotion of several peoples of the Caribbean, he is melody and song, voice, throat; life, anguish and joy; with it those vocal cords are made that scream; in him are those arms that work. The merengue is in vitro and stereo, VCR and MP3, stage and quagmire, dance and party, eternal dance of a "coconut heart". It is movement, it is corporal touch, eroticism, unconscious passions. "Merengue is cheer" -as Paul Austerlitz wrote-: "Merengue is a couple hugging and spinning that takes them to heaven".

The meringue is a word. Sign and emblem. Diaspora and the internet. It's language, communication. Poetry. Double meaning. Daily reports, denunciations, remembrances, resentments, idyllic declarations, reproaches, bitterness, calls. "I sing to the divine and to the human, to love and lovelessness, to woman and man, to nature and country, to epics and trivialities, to joy or sadness", as I wrote in The Passion would Dance . It's satire, irony. "Humor, political and social criticism": this was what Manuel Rueda saw. The merengue is patriotism and harangue, brave hurricane. History: "The furious merengue that has been our history".

The meringue is color. Of enramada and car wash, of cabaret and discotheque, of gallera and lounge; colorful comparsa and devil cojuelo, mask and circus, wake and party. The meringue draws our nationality. Highlight among the expressions of our identity, marking our difference. The colors of the café-au-lait cultural syncretism of which we are a product. That's why it's ethnography. It's Caribbean. Rhythm, word and color: by merengue we can recognize ourselves and through him we can be known. An effective symbol of the Dominican identity.

Taken from the book That they do not take away what I paint, by the author Darío Tejada.

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