The radio

"In 1928, the first baseball game between Licey and Escogido was broadcast, narrated by Sergio Vicioso BY HIJK, owned by Tuto Báez."


In 1928 an event of special historical significance occurred: The first radio transmission of a game was made, when the narrator Sergio Vicioso Peguero carried in his voice the incidents of a series between Licey and Escogido organized to raise funds in favor of the fire brigade of Santo Domingo through the HIJK station, owned by Tuto Báez. In Santiago it was broadcast for the first time that same year by the HI1A station, La Voz del Yaque, which installed the equipment in the Enriquillo Park, the facility where all the the games, which caused an uncontrollable overflow of the fans. However, it is important to indicate that the 21 of October of 1917 had made the transmission of a game held in La Vega between the local team and the Yaque de Santiago to through the phone. They placed a blackboard in the popular Cafe Yaque of this last town, and with symbols they indicated to the public the plays that happened in the terrain. The 7 of 1919 in Santo Domingo did the same thing to announce what was happening in a game between the Stars Capitaleñas and a selected one of Baní in this last poblacion.El system of the telephone and the slates stayed effective during long time, even with the increase of the radial transmissions and still in the famous championship of 1937 the games between Eagles and Stars were transmitted by that route to the corresponding city.

Taken from the book See you in the play! Baseball and Culture in the Dominican Republic of the essayist Tony Piña.