Art and Autism: From the material to the sensory

The León Center was visited by a group of adolescents from the Autism on the Move Foundation (AUMA), who toured the exhibition facilities of the XXV Eduardo León Jimenes Art Contest and the Creative Workshop, in order to have an approach to the selected works of art and obtain a different experience through their senses.


The cultural center implements these visits with the aim of opening exhibitions and collections to audiences with special educational needs, with the purpose of making available to different institutions this open space and every day more accessible to all the public in its great diversity.

They are intended to put into practice article 30 of the declaration of the convention on the rights of persons with disabilities, approved by the General Assembly of the United Nations in 2006, and at the same time initiate an investigation on the properties of the artistic object and its experimentation with special people.

The development of the activity was presided over by Alexis Valerio, guest artist educator, Leudy Rosario, in charge of conservation of the cultural center, and Sheila Pérez, in charge of education at the Leon Center, who were in charge of preparing a function for teach young people to work the artistic from the sensory, relating visual perspective and recognition through touch, smell, hearing and other senses.

The first section of the tour put them in contact with the use of materials such as wood, ceramics and stone, which artists use when making works of art, to let them know the properties of each of the elements used. The second part of the workshop included the realization in clay of a carnival mask, guided by an educating artist through the modeling and printing of elements to create textures.

Among the works selected for the realization of the special tour were: The black behind the ear (Patricia Encarnación), Carved forest (Maurice Sánchez), Action for Buonarroti (Fermín Ceballos), Metaphor I, II and III (Freddy Pérez)

The León Center promotes this type of visits so that children with disabilities have a place to perceive art samples from another perspective and have the opportunity to develop their own works within their capabilities.

Franchesca Jiménez