The arts as an integral complement to the school curriculum

The pedagogue María Amalia León presented the Methodology of Artistic Integration (MIA), her doctoral thesis in Philosophy and Language.

Use a drawing or a piece of music could improve the understanding and understanding of literature in classrooms, combining elements of art within the curricular program. This is the postulate presented by the pedagogue María Amalia León de Jorge at the Teacher Encounter held by the León Center last 22 in January of this year.

Dr. León de Jorge proposed integrating artistic elements into the curricular program of literature to emphasize a teaching guided by the Methodology of Artistic Integration, better known as MIA. "Literary texts are loaded with symbolism. The arts allow us to interpret these symbols ", the director of the León Center argues, justifying her methodology.

María Amalia León explained the Methodology of Artistic IntegrationConsiders that the arts are essential for the transmission of knowledge and they can be "starting point" for the construction of experiences and particular experiences for each student.

"If educators guide a process where we use literary works along with graphic productions, like a poster, or a piece of music, like a song, something that is fashionable and of quality, we could make new experiences in our students according to the feelings and the experiences they imagine. From that combination, the analysis emerges and you can write to the extent of what you have learned ", explains the teacher to the group of teachers and students of Education of different mentions that filled the auditorium of the cultural center.

Alexandra Álvarez, professor of Art Education at Santiago Christian School considered that the methodological proposal evidences the importance of art in day to day of the learner. "Many times, almost always, art is left aside, as something that is not so important. With this we see, more and more, that the students are in need, "he said when commenting on the meeting.

"We as students of Education, mention Philosophy and Letters, we have realized that there is a connection: we like music, we like plastic arts, current affairs. Carrying out this integrative process is something very current, as far as pedagogy is concerned, so the construction of schemes that improve students' comprehension is expected, "explained Edwin Solano, a term student at the Autonomous University of Santo Sunday.

The meetings between teachers are activities that are part of the educational program developed by the León Center in an ongoing manner. María Amalia León obtained her PhD in Philosophy and Language with the Complutense University of Madrid in October from 2011.

Teaching resources for teachers

María Belissa Ramírez, general coordinator of Education, Animation and Communications of the Leon Center, presented the new didactic resources developed by the institution in order to integrate the exhibition Genesis and trajectory to the educational program that develops. "Now teachers can use these collectable cards to dialogue with their students about art and integrate it into their classes in Mathematics, History, Natural Sciences and so on," said Ramírez.

 The fiches for the dialogue are collectable teaching resources.