Children's illustration contest

IV Centro León Children's Illustration Contest



1. Anyone between the 4 and the 11 years of age can participate in this contest.

2 The works presented to the prize must be illustrations inspired by history:MARGARITA'S DRESSES of the author Raquel Marta Barthe.

3 These illustrations must be delivered on sheets of Fabriano 4 paper, size 8.5 x 11 inches. The following materials may be used: colored pencils, crayons, watercolor, watercolor pencils, colored plush, oil pastel or chalk bars, blood, tempera and acrylic paint.

4 A minimum of one (1) illustration and a maximum of three (3) may be submitted per contestant. These illustrations must be of original authorship.

5 The delivery of the illustrations will be made by depositing an envelope in the Media Center of the León Center. At the time of delivery, the responsible adult must provide their personal data (last name, name, ID, telephone and email), in addition to providing the child's name as it should appear in the certificates of participation in the contest.The responsible adult must authorize the participation of the minor by signing the document, which is also responsible for the acceptance of these rules.

6 Said deliveries will be made at the León Center Media Library, between Wednesday 6 and Saturday 23 November 2019, from Tuesday to Saturday from 10: 00 am to 7: 00 pm

7 No illustration will be received after the delivery deadline specified in point 6. Nor will any contest that lacks the characteristics specified in points 2, 3 and 4 of these bases be admitted to the competition.

8. The jury will be composed of members of the organizing entity and the ruling will be communicated through the website of the Media Center of the León Center, Tuesday 3 December 2019. This information will also be sent to all participants electronically.

9. Three equal prizes will be awarded, one for each category: a) from 4 to 5 years, b) from 6 to 7 years and c) from 8 to 11 years. The prize will consist of a diploma and packages with varied material to illustrate drawing and painting, given the theme of the contest.

10. The delivery of prizes and diplomas for all the participants will take place on Thursday 5 of December of 2019, at 6: 00 pm The prizes may also be collected at the Media Library during the week following the date of awarding prizes.

11. Property and copyright of the illustrations.

By participating in the IV Centro León Children's Illustration Contest, the participant declares and guarantees to be the sole author of the illustrations with which he participates, and to possess the full and exclusive ownership of all the rights and interests over them. The participant undertakes to keep the Eduardo León Jimenes Cultural Center (Centro León) harmless from any claim by third parties about the ownership of the illustrations. With your participation in the aforementioned contest, the participant gives his consent and gives, with all the guarantees of right, with perpetual title and free of charge, in favor of the Lion Center, who accepts all his patrimonial rights over the aforementioned illustrations. As a result the Lion Center will be able to have the illustrations, reproduce and exploit them, in a total way, or partially using some segment of them, in publications in catalogs, postcards, brochures, magazines, newspapers, web pages, television, movies, advertisements , audiovisual productions, public exhibitions, and by any other means that exists at present or in the future, whether for educational use, sale, rental, donation, or any other modality both inside and outside the territory of the Dominican Republic. The participation in this contest does not imply the loss of the moral rights inherent in the author over the illustrations with which he participates. Centro León undertakes to protect as much as possible the illustrations of the authorship of the participant for the purpose of limiting the possibility of unauthorized reproductions, however, for the purposes of this contest limits its responsibility for reproductions that may be made by third parties using the publications made by the León Center. As a consequence, the participant waives any demand, interest, action, right and / or claim that he / she directly or indirectly has or could have against Centro León for the reproductions of third parties.

Margarita's dresses

Rachel Marta Barthe

As usual, Margarita's mother was sewing a beautiful dress for her daughter. This time it was white with embroidered daisies.

But, Margarita was so careless with her clothes! He barely released it and already had a stain or, worse still, some hole. And when she undressed, she left it all wrinkled, made a bun and lying on the floor.

The poor mom was always very busy sewing, washing, ironing, mending and keeping Margarita's clothes.

Therefore, when the mother embroidered the flowers of the new white dress, the old men watched sadly, from the closet:

-Poor ... so cute and so white ...! the red sighed.

"Yes, he doesn't know what awaits him," continued the small square from his hanger.

-With a mistress like Margarita, how short is that of being "new"! complained the one with the hairline.

-It is true, after a day of use, we are "old" -moved the blue polka dots.

-And if not, look at me -the yellow continued very angry- the first day, just, already hooked me in a nail. Look how ugly darkened I was in the back!

Then one of the most important pieces of Margarita's clothes spoke: the green cap with a fur collar.

-I'm tired of having my buttons ripped off, of not hanging on the hanger and of all these sticky spots of caramel and chocolate. I think we should do something. You have to teach that careless girl a lesson.

"Yes, it is not fair that this beautiful white dress suffers all these things," said one pink silk shyly who had been listening from a corner and had a horrible stain on one side.

-I agree, but what can we do? asked the velvet with the ruffled sleeve.

And after a long time of discussion, it was agreed that that same night they would talk to their owner.

And so it was: when Margarita went to bed, everyone left the closet, surrounded her bed and, one by one, complained about the ill-treatment received. When they finished, they went back to their hangers and Margarita fell asleep.

But the next day, when he had breakfast, Margarita saw the dress her mother was embroidering and said:

- How beautiful it is! Is beautiful! And do you know something, mom? I am going to take care of him a lot, a lot ... I am going to take care of all my clothes.

The mother was stunned by her daughter's sudden decision and, before she could ask anything, Margarita kept saying:

-I had a terrible nightmare last night, but now I can't tell you because I'm late to go to school.

He gave him a big, big kiss, and left.

And if the dresses know how to smile, let's say everyone smiled in relief from their hangers.

And the mother, satisfied and smiling more than all together, sat down to finish the embroidery of those flowers that, like her daughter, were called "daisies".

Children's illustration contest
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