Wifredo García Background

This fund cIt has the personal file of Wifredo García, prolific and outstanding photographer, considered the father of modern photography in the Dominican Republic.

 The work of Wifredo García has been exhibited and recognized internationally. He won the First Prize in color of the International Contest of Americas (OAS), the Grand Special Prize of the Jury in Cartagena, Spain and the First Prize in the contest of the FAO, Santo Domingo. He was also the author of the books The Cathedral of the Forest (1981) Something from me (1974) y  Photography, an Art for our Century (1982).

This background contains around 13,000 photographs in different formats, such as slides, negatives, printed and in digital files. In addition, books, magazines, documents, photographic tools and cameras that belonged to the artist.

Source: http://www.wifredogarcia.com/wifredo.html


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