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Exempt statuette with polychrome termination. The piece develops a Christian theme, representative of an episode of the Gospel of Matthew known as The Flight into Egypt. The front part allows to see an effigy of the Virgin Mary, with the Child Jesus loaded in his arms. Both are mounted on the back of a donkey. The Virgin has her legs on one side of the animal, and she wears a blue mantle that covers her entire body. The posture of the donkey suggests the action of walking. Other elements of the set consist of a stylized plant and an oval-shaped base.


The Bible / Bible. Spanish. 1975 .-- Madrid: Cristiandad Editions, 1986 .-- 1472 p

ISBN-84 7057-303-9


Location: Media library

220.561 / B582

The apocryphal gospels / Bible. NT Gospels. Spanish .-- Madrid: Bergua Bookstore, 1934 .-- 3 v.- Series: Pocket Library.

NT Bible - Gospels

Location: Media library

225 / B582e

The art of porcelain / Violeta Martínez .-- Santo Domingo: Violeta Foundation Martínez, 2005 .-- 265

p: il

ISBN-980 12-1212-8

Location: Media library

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