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Antique fridge used to preserve the ice blocks.

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Old fridge used to preserve the ice blocks and corresponding to the beginning of our modern period.

With a design closer to a chest of drawers, this antique fridge is made up of three drawers or doors in the shape of a chest of drawers. In its right lateral part it has a vertical door, with two hinges and a lever or closing handle, while on its left side and above, a smaller square door, having under it, another smaller and somewhat rectangular door.

Of white color and mounted on four legs, the refrigerator presents a state of oxidation especially in its upper part. In his Time served as a container that kept products and food at temperature through the ice placed inside by the closed of its doors.

Since electricity is from the end of the 19th century in Europe and the United States, public lighting began in our country towards the first decade of the 20th century, when small-scale commercial activities were carried out, among them the ice factories that spread over all the national territory and it is when this type of technology appears that it would come to play a role of first order in the needs of the families of middle class Dominicans.

Later this innovation was replaced by the gas refrigerator and this later, by the electric, especially in urban areas.

In our case, the piece possesses a unique historical value, as well as an anthropological partner, as well as museographic for its conservation status at the time of its donation by the León Nouel Family in the 2004, forming part of the León Family Collection Jimenes of the León Center.-

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