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Cibucán or juicer used to extract the poisonous juice of the bitter yucca, before turning it into cassava. The cibucán hangs with a stick crossed by the hole of the widest part, where the mouth is and the cassava grated to be squeezed. Then a very heavy object is hung at the other end for the purpose of tightening and tightening the guano tissue, thus removing the poisonous liquid from the yucca, leaving the catibie ready to turn it into cassava.

This Cibucán belongs to the contemporary Arawak culture, specifically to the Piaroa indigenous group and was acquired in an expedition to the Orinoco organized by the León Center.

Curious fact:

The Taínos produced many perishable objects, but replicable. The warm and humid climate soon destroyed the tissues, rotting the wood and decomposing other organic materials mostly used in basketry.

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