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Horizontal framing polychromatic photograph in which a voodoo ceremony was recorded. At this moment we see how a believer is baptized in a small pool in which he lies down in a fetal position. There are also head and handkerchief baptisms in the Dominican Republic. The believer is dressed in white pants and a T-shirt with white, green and black stripes. This photograph belongs to the Fradique Lizardo Fund of Dominican Folklore, declared a Memory of the World Heritage of Latin America and the Caribbean, by UNESCO (Uruguay), 2014.

Curious fact:
Voodoo, as a practice of popular Dominican religiosity, is expressed from a cult to deities linked to the African pantheon, through the offerings of food to divine beings, the possession of these in their followers, the use of the drum as a symbolic object and of communication and invocation with the gods, plus other symbolic components that undeniably link it to African spirituality, but preserving Catholic religious components at the same time, which is why it is considered an Afro-Dominican cult. (Carlos Andújar Persinal in the book Of Culture and Society.

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