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Seal or pintadera Seal or pintadera Leon Center

Seal or body paint with incised decoration forming an "L" on one of its faces. The decoration is of angles whose vertex forms a cross.

Curious fact:

"Colón, in his diary of the first trip, accurately points out the corporal color of the inhabitants of the island. The Taínos used seals or pintaderas, formed of ceramic in the form of a small disc, decorated by its base that placed on bija or another dye, leaving an imprint on the fabric or on the body. The body decoration was made, also, with juices of some fruits, as was the case of the jagua (Genipa americana), whose juice, still tender the fruit, provided a black ink of magnificent invoice. "
From the blog:

Entry: The Taino Society: INSTRUMENTS AND TECHNOLOGY of the 17 of January of 2011

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