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Drum used by the brotherhoods of Villa Mella, in the celebration of the cult of the Holy Spirit. This is the medium drum of the group of instruments, it is made of hollow wood, with a piece of goat leather stretched, on one of its sides. Unlike the major drum, it does not have any paint. The leather is fixed with nails, which at the same time fixes the vines, one of them covered by an animal gut.

Fun facts
The balsié is a musical instrument of African descent, present in the musical culture of the Dominican Republic. It is a type of drum used to play religious music in the southern and eastern regions of the country, as in the salve with tambourines or the secular salve. There are several types of balsie depending on the geographical area where you touch.
As an instrument, it belongs to the family of membranophones, which are a group of percussion instruments in which sound vibrations originate when hitting a taut membrane called a patch, usually of animal skin, although, more and more frequently, of plastic. Some examples of membranophones are timpani, tambor, tambourine, bombo, which are directly affected; the zambomba and the rope drum, which are rubbed; those who clash, like castanets and cymbals, and even blow them like mirlitones.

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